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Wednesday, 03 October 2012 by

Today i’m posting just a collection of photos I have taken around home. Enjoy. x These three were taken at Gumlea. (my uncles farm) The Kulin Bush Races are on this weekend, so it will be great to see what new creations come from it. This was last years winner. (made from points -things used to dig into the ground during seeding) Sunset over Kulin, and below over Jilikan lake. A cloudy day over Pingaring area. Townsite is out of picture to the right.  Gorgeous time for bush walks around the rocks, especially while the orchids were out. Out playing with these nine gorgeous Kelpie pups. Kids out at the farm. With the temp into the 30’s they insisted we stop by Gumlea and check on the pool. I don’t know how I left without a wet kid! If you want more updates, you can follow me on facebook, or twitter at @fiona_palmer  🙂

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Thursday, 26 July 2012 by

I am someone who see’s beauty in almost anything. Its always a half glass full with me, and why shouldn’t life be looked upon so fondly? When I’m in the city, I see beauty there, from the lights, rivers and fancy houses and when I’m home in the country its everywhere I turn.  Take this morning for example. I go out to feed the chooks and let them out just as a thick fog rolls in. So I grabbed my new camera and headed out to the lake to take some snaps. Only problem is, when you see beauty in everything you look at…how do you take a really good photo???  I just wanted to take a photo of everything! When I was up the rock the other day I took photo’s of the moss as it was shimmering in the sunlight. No one else may see it, but to me it was just awesome.

Spoilt chooks

Monday, 04 June 2012 by

  A while back we got a heap of chooks from a friend, and combined with ours it overloaded the chook pen. This weekend we (and in we I mean Hubby, while I held a few bits of tin when I had time) finally got the new shed finished. I counted my chooks a while ago and was shocked to find I had 18 and not forgetting our two ducks. Since when did we have so many chooks?? No wonder we had about five dozen of eggs in the fridge a while back! But not now, the cold has put them off the lay. So the girls are very happy with the new bigger shed. Their old shed is now used to store their feed.  Seeing as it was a long weekend, and the day was a glorious (if depressingly rainless) day, we lit up the bonfire to roast some marshmallows in celebration of the


Tuesday, 29 May 2012 by

  Okay so my dog Sally has nothing to do with this blog on research, I just needed a nice picture and besides – she is famous after all. Did you know she was on page 3 of the Weekend Australian. 🙂 Now thanks to Karin, who asked about my research process, I will attempt to share with you how I go about it, research that is. (I’m sorry if you fall asleep whilst reading this.)  When I decide to write about something in particular, say shearing in Heart of Gold, then I research it further.  Seeing as I had worked in a shearing shed, I knew most of it. But I’d never shorn a sheep, or even knew how to do it correctly. Now Lindsay, my male lead character, is a brilliant shearer, so for him to know…I had to know. Yes, I could have thrown on my boots and headed out to the nearest shearing shed

Penguin Presents – Fiona Palmer

Monday, 07 May 2012 by

Not that long ago I blogged about the film crew that was in Pingaring, doing a doco for Penguin. Well it’s finally finished and Andre Sawenko has done a fantastic job putting all the shots together. (Especially my parts…I didn’t give him much to go on lol) So here it is, I hope you enjoy seeing where I live. After all, it’s what inspired me to write. 🙂    

Bits and pieces

Sunday, 01 April 2012 by

My mum is away so I’m back doing the mail run for a few weeks. But i’m not complaining, it is great to get out and drive around the country side. My first port of call was Burnside Farm where I got to catch up with Coco (who, last time i’d seen her, was called Sparky lol). I had lots of cuddles and couldn’t belive how much she’d grown. Does she look like she’s laughing?? lol Then, when I went to drop Hendry’s mail, I had to fight with a dead tree to reach their mail box. It sure made a pretty sight the way the top of the tree had crashed into the ground. I walked through it like a dead stick jungle. It was very sturdy. Wonder how long it will last. (would make a great bonfire 🙂 )  And nearby one of Jane’s horses kept guard over the farm. You can see more of


Tuesday, 21 February 2012 by

It was fitting that I got to spend my weekend in Denmark. (Not the country, the town south WA) I was booked into a place called Chimes, a gorgeous day spa for total relaxation thanks to owners Michelle & Kane. I didn’t think I needed it but it was totally amazing to spend two days without kids, without facebook and twitter (only the odd message got through) and no thinking about housework, and writing. Okay, so maybe while I was having my hot rocks massage I do recall my mind flicked over ideas for my 5th book, but it was only for a few minutes. I swear thats the only time I thought about my writing.  But I went there after just having finished the first draft on my 4th book, Bundara Skies. So you could imagine my relief at having sent that off to my publisher. Even better on Monday morning when I recieved a message

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Sunday, 12 February 2012 by

Disclaimer: The following may give you the heebie jeebies. (It certainly freaked me out) It must be the year for spiders. They are everywhere!! I only ever had one golden orb spider in my chook pen, but today I counted 14 big fat ones. There were two in this corner and the blossom from the flowering gums nearby had been caught in their webs. Actually looked really cool. But everytime I went in there to get eggs or water the trees I hated knowing they were above my head. I think I would scream my guts out if one ever dropped to my head or shoulder. (Probably never would have happened but I wasn’t going to take the chance.) We don’t like to put any sprays near our fruit so I found the biggest stick I could…believe me it was MASSIVE. It had a V at the end and I used it to scoop through the web and catch the spider.  Yeah, I

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Wednesday, 01 February 2012 by

I had to work for the first three weeks of Jan, running the local shop. But after that I headed straight down to the coastal town of Hopetoun, south WA.  It was just gorgeous as the kids and I went swimming the moment we arrived. (Hubby had farmers still harvesting so he couldn’t join us until his bin was closed.) We stay in the caravan park and I love the thick bushes that make it nice and private. We have a onsite van so I only have to open the door without too much fuss. So needless to say I got straight down to typing (after the swim of course) and I didn’t have to worry about the kids. Gotta love a nice safe park thats right on the beach.  Without any housework, bored kids or internet distractions writing was my main focus and I managed to write 11,000 words in the four days I was there.  It got


Friday, 13 January 2012 by

  I have been walking in the mornings at 5.30am with my mum. Sometimes we walk  around the paddocks behind our house and up to the rock. It takes us about an hour return trip walking fast. But as much as I hate getting out of bed it is so worth it. The air is so fresh and clear, the kangaroo’s are out and so are the birds.  We take the dogs with us  and they also walked to the top of the rock. One moment was rather scary when we were at the top watching two big Eagles float in the air as it rushed over the rock as one of the dogs spotted it…and this dog isn’t mine, its our neighbours dog.  Even scarier when it darted off after it.Typical. Now years ago we went up the rock as kids with our little Jack Russel, Patch.  He chased a lizard and ended up rolling over the edge of the


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