Spring chickens

Friday, 06 November 2009 by

We have new babies! Its always exciting when the first chick cracks out of her egg. As you can see Blake is rapt with his first hold and cuddle. Here is one of the mother with, I think, six chicks (that you can see) that have hatched and another whole heap of eggs she’s still sitting on. Another chook is already off with one little chick in tow. So how many have we got? Haven’t got proper numbers on the official count as more are yet to come but so far I’d say 8 or 9. I found one just half hatched but he was DOA … maybe it was too crowded & he got squished. Some also look a bit worse for wear but we gave them a drink and some tucker so hopefully they’ll perk up. Its so nice to walk in and hear all the little chirping.

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Amazing blooms

Wednesday, 28 October 2009 by

This is Blake standing in front of some old machinery next to our house. Excuse his messy face, he just enjoyed a choc icecream. The irises behind him, which are in flower, are amazing. Why … because years ago, people before us had actually collected them from our local tip where they were growing wild. They were transplanted to our place (which was just a rental property at that time) and I eventually put some around the machinery to try and pretty them up. They never get watered, they just take care of themselves and still manage to flower. I love plants that are easy to grow.

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Bonfire, marshmallows and a full moon

Friday, 09 October 2009 by

This is the beginning of the bonfire. We chopped up the fallen tree and it gave us a good excuse for a bonfire. We set up a table and chairs by the fire and ate our tea. Wedges with sweet chilli and sour cream then topped it off with marshmallows … naturally! It was a great night and Mac had her friend and neighbour, Shenae, for a sleepover. While sitting around the fire we got to watch the full moon rise into the night sky. It looked amazing as it rose up between the blackness of the trees into the clear night.

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Rocky tee

Wednesday, 09 September 2009 by

I played golf on the weekend. (Can I play? … not really, but the walk is amazing around the rocks.) Anyway this is our number 16 tee where I found this bunch of spider orchids. I’ve never seen so many together and these were smaller than the those I normally find. They didn’t come out really clear in the photo, but I was late for the mail run and didn’t have time to check the quality. And the donkey orchids were out everywhere too. Just beautiful.

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Our beautiful country

Tuesday, 18 August 2009 by

On my way to Perth for an appointment, I was driving through Brookton near my cousins farm and saw the most beautiful morning sight as the fog sat through the land. Its quite hilly around Brookton, well compared to Pingaring anyway, and the fog was just in these little low-lying patches and was amazing to see. I tried to take a few pictures but was running late and only managed this one, which doesn’t do what I saw any justice.

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Albany here I come

Thursday, 23 July 2009 by

This is a photograph I took of the Stirling Ranges on the way to Albany last week. My grandparents used to live in Albany and on the holidays I would head down to stay with them. I always thought they looked like sleeping beauty crossed with a dwarf. Ah …that’s just one kids imagination!

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