Who blogs anymore???

If by some chance you’ve come across my website and ended up on my blog page hoping to find new posts…I’m sorry! Life has got far too busy to find time to write posts…I can hardly find time to keep my Facebook and Instagram pages alive (or even update my website for that matter!) Between

Letter from Loretta Hill

February 2nd Hi Fiona, I can’t believe it’s February already. The kids are back at school and I can breathe again. The January school holidays were very hectic, also due to the fact that my new book, “The Maxwell Sisters” just came out. I’m really excited about this story. This book is as much about


I’ve been a little quiet lately, but there is a good reason for that. Harvest. Now last year I spent harvest writing The Sunnyvale Girls and by the time I came up for air I had one ride in the truck with dad and then harvest was finished. A very weird feeling I must say….felt

RuRo Roadtrip with Rachael Johns

  It was an Author Talk tour of epic proportions. One blue Holden Commodore with a trailer full of books travelling over 2,400 kilometres across the state of WA. Inside this tardis like vehicle were authors Fiona Palmer (driver) and Rachael Johns (navigator – with the help of WhereIs and our Wog Boy guide). We

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