Guest Blog – Karly Lane

Tuesday, 08 January 2013 by

Today I have the wonderful Karly Lane over for a chat. Her new book Bridies Choice is out now (and on its way to me in the post. Hurry up Mr Postman). I can’t wait to see what Karly has cooked up for us again. I’m sure there will be plenty of laugh out loud moments. Thanks for being my first guest blogger for 2013, Karly! It’s so good to be back here on Fee’s blog, it’s been a while. Life gets so hectic and time flies; before we know it another year’s gone just like that! (I couldn’t agree more!) But it got me thinking about my journey so far and I have to say it’s really great to take a minute and look back at how far we’ve come. I remember buying Fiona’s first book, The Family Farm, along with Fleur McDonalds Red Dust and loving that finally there was some rural fiction

Fleur McDonald – Guest Blog

Wednesday, 14 March 2012 by

Today, I’m very excited to have Fleur McDonald as my guest. Thanks Fleur! Her new book Purple Roads is out at the start of April and I’ve already spent a couple of days reading it. Lucky me! I won’t go into details as I’d hate to spoil it for everyone but I  couldn’t put it down until I finished. (Yes, I got soooo much housework done that day…not!) And I got a little emotional in one part, but I’ll let you figure out which bit. 🙂  So without further ado, I welcome Fleur. Describe a normal (which I know would be hectic) day for you? Well The Boss is usually out the door by 6:30am at the lastest, so we’re up around 5am and I’ll get his lunch and make sure he’s got everything he needs for the day. The kids have to on the bus by 7:55am so once The Boss has gone I turn my

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Competition Winners

Tuesday, 13 March 2012 by

The time has come to draw two winners for a signed copy of The Road Home. Thank you all for entering, it was fantastic to hear all about you. I loved reading your comments. Now, drum roll….. The first person drawn was Gabby! Congratulations Gabby, i’ll be sending you an email shortly asking for your address. 🙂 And the second person drawn was Felicity Morley! Huge congrats to both ladies, and hopefullly I’ll get the books in the mail for you this week. But that is not all. Tomorrow I’ll have guest blogger and well known rural author Fleur McDonald over answering a few questions. I have just finished reading Purple Roads so I know you won’t be disappointed.


Wednesday, 01 February 2012 by

I had to work for the first three weeks of Jan, running the local shop. But after that I headed straight down to the coastal town of Hopetoun, south WA.  It was just gorgeous as the kids and I went swimming the moment we arrived. (Hubby had farmers still harvesting so he couldn’t join us until his bin was closed.) We stay in the caravan park and I love the thick bushes that make it nice and private. We have a onsite van so I only have to open the door without too much fuss. So needless to say I got straight down to typing (after the swim of course) and I didn’t have to worry about the kids. Gotta love a nice safe park thats right on the beach.  Without any housework, bored kids or internet distractions writing was my main focus and I managed to write 11,000 words in the four days I was there.  It got

Writing spaces part 2

Wednesday, 14 September 2011 by

Hopefully you are eagerly waiting to see into the next few authors private writing spaces…I know I am. I find it so fascinating!  Well I won’t dribble on and make you wait.  Here are the next few: First up I have Rachael Treasure, who is, in my mind, the Queen of the rural genre. Her first book Jillaroo being one of my favourites and her new book The Girl and the Ghost Grey Mare is due out 1st October. Love that the Penguin’s feature 🙂 Below is her view from the window…I’m jealous! Rachael: “Here is my writing space! Since moving into a two-bedroom house with my two children a year ago I don’t have the luxury of an office or studio anymore. Instead my writing space is set in a tiny corner of my bedroom. I love having my work space here as I can get up and create in the night at any time


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