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I’ve been a little quiet lately, but there is a good reason for that. Harvest. Now last year I spent harvest writing The Sunnyvale Girls and by the time I came up for air I had one ride in the truck with dad and then harvest was finished. A very weird feeling I must say….felt like I’d missed a whole chunck of life. But not this year, this year some friends asked if I would drive their second header. I jumped at the chance as they were happy for me to work between school hours. Perfect. It probably wasn’t meant to last long but due to weather, good yield and breakdowns we are still harvesting. Not that I’m complaining as I’m loving it. I have a beautiful big yellow New Holland header called Holly and we have been carving up the paddocks, collecting canola, barley and wheat. Going to work each day is a joy.

Clearing Sale

Thursday, 06 February 2014 by

Clearing sales may sound like a time to hit the shops but in the country it means a huge day, usually standing around in the boiling sun while you scan through rows and rows of stuff from a farmer selling up. They are like massive garage sales, including tractors, silo’s, utes, motorbikes, scrap metal, poly pipe and household stuff. Anything is usually up for sale. Yesterday was the first one of the season and we were called in to help sell lunch, which money would go to progress. So after putting the kids on the bus, we headed out to Isla’s to make up forty odd loaves of bread. There was six volunteers so we were ready by ten which gave us time to get out to the farm and set up. It’s a great time to catch up and natter about what’s been going on. We were set up in one of the sheds, right

Inspiration for The Outback Heart

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    Getting ideas for books is not a planned thing, sometimes I get on with life and just hope inspiration strikes or that something I hear or see brings on a story idea. Sometimes things move me and I want to write about them. Like with The Sunburnt Country, the issues of depression, rural suicide and the affects of drought on the whole community. With The Outback Heart, it all started when I picked up the Lakes Link News (Lake Grace’s local newspaper) and came across Josh’s eulogy. I knew of Josh and had heard of his story from friends. I didn’t know him personally but I had friends who had attended his funeral and said how huge it was. As many as 1000, some said. So I began to read the eulogy and it struck a cord. By the time I had finished it I knew I wanted to write about this. A

Orchids & Wildflowers

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On Sunday my friend had my kids out on her farm (which they loved) and it gave me the chance to play some golf at our local club. I’m not a great golfer or a mad keen one but I do enjoy the walk. Especially when the wildflowers and orchids are out. This top shot is in our GUR (ground under repair) area. Yes, my ball had gone off course and no, I didn’t find it!!! (Probably didn’t help that I was too busy taking photo’s of all the flowers around me.) This bottom photo dosn’t look that great, but in real life those tiny white flowers growing at the bottom of the rock are just beautiful.     We have donkey orchids galore but I can’t say i’ve seen this many in one clump. They are so small and delicate. We also have Spider orchids. The most common one is the green one down the

Spring has sprung

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I just had to go for a walk this morning. Such a gorgeous day. Could hear the bee’s and flies buzzing and the ants were all out and busy.  It was a perfect way to start the day and Sally my dog was really happy for the walk.   (come on mum, hurry up!) The crops are looking great around our area which is wonderful to finally see. We all have our fingers crossed for the season to end well. You don’t count your chickens until the grain is in the bin! Nearly 14 rows on this head, but no grain yet. Hopefully when the grains begin to grow the frosts stay away. I just had to stand in this crop and see how tall it was. I was being careful to stand in the rows so I didn’t crush any. 🙂 Call me a crop Gnome! Being away at Dowerin for nearly four days was


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Today my hubby had a day off, as they shut the bin due to the rain that had stopped harvest. So this morning we went up to the golf club to see how bad these nastsy weeds were.  We managed to walk three holes and this big drum was nearly half full just from one fairway.  My hubby has been trying to pick this weed before it drops it’s nastsy seeds. I can tell you that my thumbs and back are very sore tonight! Yesterday my dad and I did some clean up, mowing and weeding the weeds around the hall.  No parks and gardens council workers for Pingaring, just locals.  Then this afternoon we went to the hall to finish setting up some decorations and doing some hall maintenance. (We had a huge crack down the wall we had to foam-a-fill. And when I say ‘we’ I mean my husband.) What was wonderful is


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Yesterday my son and I jumped into the truck with my dad and headed out for a load.  It’s hot and sweaty, dusty and sometimes itchy and there were spider webs….but besides all that it still is fun to go out for a ride. Here is my son, sitting up the back enjoying the ride. When we got out to the farm, they had finished those paddocks are were getting ready to move to another area of the farm. So my dad & Blake went back to the CBH bin to drop off his load and I stayed to help John shift.  With my Uncle & Aunty not on their farm anymore, I miss out on helping them shift, so this was fun.  They gave me the old Landy, which was still in good shape. The comb on the back makes it hard to turn through gates as it is, but this one had no lenght on the tow hitch,

Out in the paddock

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I went for a ride in the truck with my dad the other day. Kids came too.  Out to a farm to pick up a load of wheat. You can tell from the stubble that the crops around here are not so great. We didn’t get the finishing rain so everything dried out early. We have farmers finishing up harvest now and thats just not the norm.  Everyone will be done before Christmas at this rate. Loading up. Had to take a photo of this old strainer post. Don’t think it does much these days, but still it looks great. Some advertising for his dad’s place of work! lol. The kids have early close on a Monday so that gives them more time to play.  They love it when pop carts the grain to the bin, they love seeing the bin crew and their daddy at work.  Just some crop pictures I took the other day. And as always Sally

My Racing Days

Thursday, 01 November 2012 by

Because my new book has a small section of speedway in it, I thought I’d go into detail on my seven years of racing. Don’t stress, it won’t be long winded for those who don’t like cars. I just have a collection of old photo’s to help share my journey . It will be painless, I promise. My family had always been into racing, from my dad, my grandparents, to aunty’s and uncles. My Grandad was a mechanic and my dad followed suit.  My racing career started at the age of 16. I was driving a go-kart my dad built from the age of 3 and drove various buggies and cars the moment I could, (or sometimes couldn’t) reach the pedals. This was the norm for me and my cousins. So by 16 we were all very able with a car. You can start racing speedway in Juniors from as young as ten, but it was something

Beach to breakaway

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I spent a few days down at Hopetoun, (south east coast of WA) to give myself some writing time while the kids enjoyed a break during school holidays. As it was, I had to spend half the day cutting branches off a fallen tree and dig out gutters full of rotten leaves. Fun, not! But the excercise helps balance the rest of the day sitting on my backside writing. (Not the most physicall of jobs being an author!) I love the white sandy beaches here, perfect, but HATE it in my car. Kids brought heaps home in their pockets by accident!! Don’t let them do this, the morning before you head home.  When we got home I took the kids out to Buckley’s Breakaway. A place we went to lots as kids for birthday parties and fun (and my dad even had a few parties out there when he was younger), so I couldn’t believe I hadn’t


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