Mail run

Thursday, 08 September 2011 by

My mum is away for the next month so I am doing the mail run again, twice a week. I must say I didn’t realise how much I missed going for a drive around the district and seeing how good all the crops look. Even the dandelions growing in this paddock look gorgeous.   I thought i’d take a few photo’s of some of the stops I make as I head off in our trusy wagon called “Monty”.  I deliver milk, hence the blue esky in the back, bread, sometimes orders from the shop and, of course, the mail. Another stop, this time milk gets dropped off also. Sometimes people forget to pick it up or the wilk animals get to it first. If we time it right I’ll meet the person and we catch up for a chat. The mail boxes are usually drums except for a few like the lovely horse and little

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Wednesday, 22 June 2011 by

This is my best mate Jacinta with her two horses Bluey and Tiger.  She was travelling the 30-40km to meet the farrier at another farm and as it was nearby, I met her and went along. It takes me over twenty minutes to get to Jacinta’s farm so I don’t get to catch up with her as often as I would like, and our kids keep us busy, so I was glad we could catch up today.  I packed up a some tea and biscuits to have on the way, such a nice day for it too. It also gave me a chance to give her youngest child lots of cuddles. 🙂 I miss my kids at that age, before the answering back and the ‘you’re the meanest mum’ began. Now i’m not at home on a horse, I prefere the four wheeled variety of transport. But I still find them amazing and Bluey was the last horse i’ve been on. (who

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Thursday, 02 June 2011 by

Okay so us country folk get a bit excited about rain. (Okay, maybe a lot!!)  And if you ever hear us chatting for example Fleur and myself on Twitter, we often ask about the rainfall.  Why, because its a huge part of our lives.  I guess in much the same as city folk may talk about traffic and which roads are better to take. You might think we are all rather obsessed but it’s our livelyhood. The rain fall dosn’t just affect farmers, it can have a huge impact on communities and other business.  If the farmers suffer, then they stop shopping in town and workers can be put off. Contractors lose business and they also stop shopping and then everyone is in the same boat and because everyone is counting penny’s then sports and other activities can suffer. Then people leave the district.  Our little town is shrinking each year, and our clubs are struggling when they

Lucky chooks

Sunday, 29 May 2011 by

Here is whats left of my hen’s feathers. The rest have blown away in the wind.  My poor chooks are the delight for my neighbours dog. When my son went in to collect the eggs the dog pushed past and went after the chooks.  I heard my son screaming from the house and thought he’d cut off an arm! Turns out he was just horrified at watching the dog get the hen’s and he couldn’t stop him, he was so upset. So I went running up the back yard, bare feet hurting on rocks, as the dog ran back out the pen with a chook hanging out his mouth. Luckily I could catch him and let the chook go and told him off. But I accidently/stupidly let go of him and he went after her again. Feathers from ear hole to a** hole!! But I did rescue the chook, and returned her to the safety of her pen, bare

Day Job

Friday, 20 May 2011 by

Two days a week I work at the local shop, Pingaring Agsolutions.  We have everything a small town may need, groceries, alcohol, hardware, post, chemical, etc etc… And if i’m lucky i get to deliver chemical around seeding time, which means getting out an about. On Thursday I headed out to some local farmers, my mate Rach’s family, to drop off chemical they needed to keep spraying with. Rach was behind my inspiration for Izzy in my first book and is as much a farmer as any other bloke.  Dropping off the drums.  (and also a plug for my boss’s business…pay rise???  I wish lol) I then headed next door where the rest of the gang was. Rach was calculating something…its maths so I wasn’t interested, but i’m guessing chemical rates for their worker to spray out. Her dad and brother were re-calabrating the big red fancy seeding machine, while I got to chat to

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Getting there

Friday, 29 April 2011 by

I hope everyone had a great Easter break…I know I did. Total relaxation, fishing, sitting on the beach, reading and spending time with my family. I took my laptop but didn’t get it out to write, which i’m glad as it was good to have a real break, a time out from everything.  Not that my mind didn’t stop thinking about Sarah’s Journey…my mind never stops…hey, i’m a woman! But after getting home…and over 6 loads of washing later…I got back into writing and have almost finished the new draft of Sarah’s Journey. Ali, my publisher is busy for the next few weeks with another book so I have some time up my sleeve to re-read SJ and polish it up a bit before I send it off.  Hopefully this version is a winner….holding my breath, crossing everything, mentally picturing a contract and all the rest.  So today, if I don’t have any interuptions, i’m


Monday, 04 April 2011 by

Over the weekend we headed to Perth so I could finally enjoy my birthday present from my hubby. (Also needed to get a new phone as I killed my last one…it was an accident, I promise.  But I love my new one and turns out the plan works out cheaper than the last phone. Joy all round) Tiger Moth Flight  Here is a snippet of what I saw whilst in the blue skies over Perth. I’ve only been in a small 4 seater plane before when a friend of mine and I did a flight with our Aeronautics teacher at school.  But this was totally different having the open air around me. I tried to imagine what it must have been like flying one of these during the war and trying to shoot down other planes. It really was an amazing experiance and I loved the loops, sky-ocean-sky-ocean.  My legs took a while to stop


Wednesday, 30 March 2011 by

Yes, i’m still waiting for my camera to turn up. I love living in the country but it has it’s down sides…like the postal system. Stuff just seems to struggle to find Pingaring and can go  to Pingrup or Pingelly and take even longer to get here.  And when my books come from the printers I have to drive 55km to pick them up from the next town as we don’t get overnight delivery here. At the shop we have to pay $10 just to get our bread order delived from Lake Grace to us as the delivery truck can’t come this way. Yesterday there was a stuff up and they sent us 5 french sticks instead of our UP white bread and when I rang them they said just return them back to the truck.  I wish it was that simple. Cost more than the bread to return it, so the best we can try

Watch out

Saturday, 19 February 2011 by

I recently got my Lerners for MR (meduim rigid) truck licence.  So now I am driving my dad’s spreader truck when I can before I have to do my driving test.  The plan is to move up to the next level so I will be able to drive one of my dad’s bigger trucks during harvest when he gets busy.  This truck is nice and easy to drive, so at the moment its all fun. Today, after a drive, I tilted up the cab and filled up the radiator with water after the light came on (My dad will be so proud that I remembered how to do it!! lol) I had my 5yr son who helped undo the bolts on the bull bar, so hopefully he can learn to look after his vehicles too.

First Chapter

Wednesday, 02 February 2011 by

Hi all, well the first chapter is up for Heart of Gold. You can read it on the right under the book cover.  –> –> This was my view over the weekend in Esperance. Went down for my sister in law’s wedding, which was also on the beach. It was beautiful and we got to catch up with everyone and spend time with our adorable niece. The colour of the water was amazing…hopefully we will go back again soon.  I didn’t get any writing done but now that school has gone back…yes, I took a very quiet minute to enjoy my empty house…I will now get back into the edits for Sarah’s Journey.  Also have to start organising my launch details etc, so will have them up shortly. Those in WA who would get a copy of The Wagin Argus would have seen the big picture of the new book and details about the launch. I will


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