Lucky chooks

by / Sunday, 29 May 2011 / Published in Everyday Life, Family, Only in the country

Here is whats left of my hen’s feathers. The rest have blown away in the wind.  My poor chooks are the delight for my neighbours dog. When my son went in to collect the eggs the dog pushed past and went after the chooks.  I heard my son screaming from the house and thought he’d cut off an arm! Turns out he was just horrified at watching the dog get the hen’s and he couldn’t stop him, he was so upset.

So I went running up the back yard, bare feet hurting on rocks, as the dog ran back out the pen with a chook hanging out his mouth. Luckily I could catch him and let the chook go and told him off. But I accidently/stupidly let go of him and he went after her again. Feathers from ear hole to a** hole!! But I did rescue the chook, and returned her to the safety of her pen, bare bum and all. (I couldn’t see any blood and guts…but I wasn’t game to look too close either, icky)  By then my feet were sore and tender. (Don’t worry I’ll take a tablespoon of cement and harden up!!)

The ol’ rooster got defeathered last time the dog got in and he’s hard to spot now without his big tail feathers. (Lucky for him he’ll be harder to find when he needs to go to chooky heaven!)

It’s Sunday today, and i’ve spent most of the day finishing a book so now i’m stuck in ‘can’t be bothered’ mode. But on a good note i’ve finally done the deed and booked our tickets for our trip east to visit family and for me to attend the RWA Conference. (I can’t wait. It’s like being a bloke in Bunnings, so many wonderful authors to meet you don’t know where to start!)

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