Inspiration for The Outback Heart

Sunday, 10 November 2013 by

    Getting ideas for books is not a planned thing, sometimes I get on with life and just hope inspiration strikes or that something I hear or see brings on a story idea. Sometimes things move me and I want to write about them. Like with The Sunburnt Country, the issues of depression, rural suicide and the affects of drought on the whole community. With The Outback Heart, it all started when I picked up the Lakes Link News (Lake Grace’s local newspaper) and came across Josh’s eulogy. I knew of Josh and had heard of his story from friends. I didn’t know him personally but I had friends who had attended his funeral and said how huge it was. As many as 1000, some said. So I began to read the eulogy and it struck a cord. By the time I had finished it I knew I wanted to write about this. A

Christmas Lights 2013

Sunday, 23 December 2012 by

Last year’s competition was so awesome that we just had to hold it again. After a very hot day (up to 40) we all gathered at the ‘Tree’ for a sausage sizzle while we waited for the sun to set. Here is just a few locals gathered around, the blokes (as usual) were positioned around the back tray of the utes. That way they had somewhere to put their stubbies when they’d finished. (And some poor bugger took home a rattly ute lol) When it was dark enough we all loaded into the Silver’s bus (thanks Tessa for the loan & for driving the crew of excited locals around!) as well as a few extra full car’s, we headed off to the first stop. (This event took 2hrs, with 6 farm gates to view) Lots of gravel driving! At our first stop you could see some lights but it wasn’t until on closer inspection that

Christmas 2013

Monday, 17 December 2012 by

Our 87th community Christams Tree was on Saturday night. Lea and I had spent all week setting up for it, as well as our big two day trip to Perth. This is us, enjoying our cosy corner in the Hall. This year we had bouncy castles for the kids to jump on after Santa left. (Luckily we had no casualties except for Lea’s boy & mine lol) The kids loved the massive castle, and I must admit it was lots of fun. I joined the kids a few times. It’s always a little sad to see the numbers down each year. We are losing the older kids and not gaining any smaller ones. We only had 30 kids this year. It didn’t seem that long ago we had 60. We hate to think what it will be like in 4-5 years! We are planing a big 90th in 3 years time. It will be a

Spoilt chooks

Monday, 04 June 2012 by

  A while back we got a heap of chooks from a friend, and combined with ours it overloaded the chook pen. This weekend we (and in we I mean Hubby, while I held a few bits of tin when I had time) finally got the new shed finished. I counted my chooks a while ago and was shocked to find I had 18 and not forgetting our two ducks. Since when did we have so many chooks?? No wonder we had about five dozen of eggs in the fridge a while back! But not now, the cold has put them off the lay. So the girls are very happy with the new bigger shed. Their old shed is now used to store their feed.  Seeing as it was a long weekend, and the day was a glorious (if depressingly rainless) day, we lit up the bonfire to roast some marshmallows in celebration of the


Wednesday, 01 February 2012 by

I had to work for the first three weeks of Jan, running the local shop. But after that I headed straight down to the coastal town of Hopetoun, south WA.  It was just gorgeous as the kids and I went swimming the moment we arrived. (Hubby had farmers still harvesting so he couldn’t join us until his bin was closed.) We stay in the caravan park and I love the thick bushes that make it nice and private. We have a onsite van so I only have to open the door without too much fuss. So needless to say I got straight down to typing (after the swim of course) and I didn’t have to worry about the kids. Gotta love a nice safe park thats right on the beach.  Without any housework, bored kids or internet distractions writing was my main focus and I managed to write 11,000 words in the four days I was there.  It got

Yes more pictures

Sunday, 17 July 2011 by

These two photos were taken by Sal Edwards. I really love the top one, Sal!! The three below are from Claire Hodgetts, and I got a heap more from her as well. Some great shots Claire, thanks. This is a photo I took a few years back, there is more road but for some reason when I loaded it up it cut it off!! Not impressed…but I have no idea how to fix it lol. This is on a part of my uncle’s farm, which we call Jack Dot’s, as he was the previous owner before my grandad brought the farm. And this last one is of my two little ratbags. I found it while searching through my photos and had to share it with you all.  Taken quite a few years back, maybe 5 years! It was seeding time and we were visiting Uncle Mocka and Aunty Di on Gumlea. They were so little. Oh

Lucky chooks

Sunday, 29 May 2011 by

Here is whats left of my hen’s feathers. The rest have blown away in the wind.  My poor chooks are the delight for my neighbours dog. When my son went in to collect the eggs the dog pushed past and went after the chooks.  I heard my son screaming from the house and thought he’d cut off an arm! Turns out he was just horrified at watching the dog get the hen’s and he couldn’t stop him, he was so upset. So I went running up the back yard, bare feet hurting on rocks, as the dog ran back out the pen with a chook hanging out his mouth. Luckily I could catch him and let the chook go and told him off. But I accidently/stupidly let go of him and he went after her again. Feathers from ear hole to a** hole!! But I did rescue the chook, and returned her to the safety of her pen, bare

Getting there

Friday, 29 April 2011 by

I hope everyone had a great Easter break…I know I did. Total relaxation, fishing, sitting on the beach, reading and spending time with my family. I took my laptop but didn’t get it out to write, which i’m glad as it was good to have a real break, a time out from everything.  Not that my mind didn’t stop thinking about Sarah’s Journey…my mind never stops…hey, i’m a woman! But after getting home…and over 6 loads of washing later…I got back into writing and have almost finished the new draft of Sarah’s Journey. Ali, my publisher is busy for the next few weeks with another book so I have some time up my sleeve to re-read SJ and polish it up a bit before I send it off.  Hopefully this version is a winner….holding my breath, crossing everything, mentally picturing a contract and all the rest.  So today, if I don’t have any interuptions, i’m


Friday, 21 January 2011 by

Okay, for those of you who are wondering what i’ve been up to since finishing the first draft on Sarah’s Journey…well work!  I’ve taken two weeks off work…shop work, not mum or author work….and managed to sand back and re-varnish our front doors and re-oil the deck.  Yes, my back is soooo sore but it had to be done. I don’t know about you, but it was worth it, as it all looks vibrant and almost new again. I even bee’s waxed our french doors, which is the second set of doors, that go into our bedroom.  I love the smell of bee’s wax floating through the house…my husband, not so much. But its not all hard work! I went into town yesterday and caught up with family. A new baby Hicks to cuddle and gush over…yes, i’m one of those clucky people over babies.  What can I say, I can handle a bit of


Monday, 10 January 2011 by

We were lucky enough to spend Christmas and New Year on the coast.  Nearly ten days of bliss where we got to escape the heat and hot winds back home.  From the tiny caravan kitchen we managed to prepare a roast dinner fit for a king. Although it was lost on my daughter who is a fussy eater lol.  I love the park where we stay, so sheltered and surrounded by trees.  The kids ride their bikes and go and play with other kids and have a wonderful time.  My daughter made a friend, a really good friend. So much so, she cried when she left and wrote her a letter the moment we got home.  I think thats whats nice about going there, sometimes you can meet new friendly people…then they know people you know and your like…wow, small world.  So hopefully the girls stay in contact and keep writing.  I had a pen friend since year


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