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Friday, 29 April 2011 by

I hope everyone had a great Easter break…I know I did. Total relaxation, fishing, sitting on the beach, reading and spending time with my family. I took my laptop but didn’t get it out to write, which i’m glad as it was good to have a real break, a time out from everything.  Not that my mind didn’t stop thinking about Sarah’s Journey…my mind never stops…hey, i’m a woman! But after getting home…and over 6 loads of washing later…I got back into writing and have almost finished the new draft of Sarah’s Journey. Ali, my publisher is busy for the next few weeks with another book so I have some time up my sleeve to re-read SJ and polish it up a bit before I send it off.  Hopefully this version is a winner….holding my breath, crossing everything, mentally picturing a contract and all the rest.  So today, if I don’t have any interuptions, i’m

Easter at Hopetoun

Thursday, 16 April 2009 by

Hope everyone had a great easter and got some kind of break or at least got to have some fun. We went to Hopetoun with the family and had a great time camping. Here’s a picture of Blake on his first trip to the beach on arrival. We did plenty of sitting around the camp fire at night with the kids roasting marshmallows faster than we could eat them. We went out fishing three times down the river in Jason and Julene’s boat, caught plenty of fish but had to throw them all back as undersized, some only by a centimetre or two. But nonetheless it was great just to spend some time with members of the family, some of whom came from Perth just for the catch up. Cheers for a great weekend!

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