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I’ve been a little quiet lately, but there is a good reason for that. Harvest. Now last year I spent harvest writing The Sunnyvale Girls and by the time I came up for air I had one ride in the truck with dad and then harvest was finished. A very weird feeling I must say….felt like I’d missed a whole chunck of life. But not this year, this year some friends asked if I would drive their second header. I jumped at the chance as they were happy for me to work between school hours. Perfect. It probably wasn’t meant to last long but due to weather, good yield and breakdowns we are still harvesting. Not that I’m complaining as I’m loving it. I have a beautiful big yellow New Holland header called Holly and we have been carving up the paddocks, collecting canola, barley and wheat. Going to work each day is a joy.

Italy Trip

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Well I’m back home to the flat ground, huge paddocks filled with turning crops and the buzzing of flies! I missed home but I had a ball in Italy. We had a stop over in Doha so we stayed a night and explored. Amazing place with so much money! It was great to have to day to see the sights and the people were so lovely and helpful. Favourite spots were the Souq Wagif (local market) with its spices, and smells. Where men wear their thobe (long white shirt) with a red and white gahfeya on their heads and women in their black abaya. The buildings here were amazing, every one different and we went to the huge shopping centre Villaggio that has its own canals with gondolas, ice rink and games centre with roller coaster etc. And the ceiling was great, made everything feel big and spacious. Then we flew to Venice and onto a water taxi.

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The Lucky Seven

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My fellow writing buddy Rachael Johns has tagged me in the “The Lucky Seven” blog challenge. The challenge. Post seven lines from an unpublished work of fiction. I’ve chosen to post from Book 5, (I’m still yet to give it a title, nothing seems to suit at the moment).   In this scene, you meet my leading ladies family. As I’ve only just started writing this book, I’ve taken it from page 7 as page 77 is a long way off!! The Golden Rules: Go to page 7 or 77 in your current manuscript (fiction or non-fiction) Go to line 7 Post on your blog the next 7 lines, or sentences, as they are – no cheating Tag 7 other authors to do the same Extract –Book 5 – p.g. 7 line 7. Allan smiled at both of his kids. “Cheers for tea, it looks great.” After a few mouthful’s Allan cleared his throat. “Sweetheart, are there any flowers

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  Okay so my dog Sally has nothing to do with this blog on research, I just needed a nice picture and besides – she is famous after all. Did you know she was on page 3 of the Weekend Australian. 🙂 Now thanks to Karin, who asked about my research process, I will attempt to share with you how I go about it, research that is. (I’m sorry if you fall asleep whilst reading this.)  When I decide to write about something in particular, say shearing in Heart of Gold, then I research it further.  Seeing as I had worked in a shearing shed, I knew most of it. But I’d never shorn a sheep, or even knew how to do it correctly. Now Lindsay, my male lead character, is a brilliant shearer, so for him to know…I had to know. Yes, I could have thrown on my boots and headed out to the nearest shearing shed

Penguin Presents – Fiona Palmer

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Not that long ago I blogged about the film crew that was in Pingaring, doing a doco for Penguin. Well it’s finally finished and Andre Sawenko has done a fantastic job putting all the shots together. (Especially my parts…I didn’t give him much to go on lol) So here it is, I hope you enjoy seeing where I live. After all, it’s what inspired me to write. 🙂    

Camera Crew

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I know its been ages since I’ve blogged but lifes just been a little crazy. School holidays haven’t helped, feels like the kids have been home for ages and still they don’t go back until Thurdsay! And now that hockey has started (yes, as I’m typing this my body is hurting) I’ll have even less time for things. But we had a little bit of excitement in out tiny 5 house town last week with the arrival of two fellas from over east. Andre, and his camera man Jono, flew, then drove, to our wheatbelt town to do some filming for Penguin for an online clip.  I was overjoyed that Penguin were putting in the effort but totally freaked out by the cameras. I don’t talk great, I have a brain and mouth which don’t tend to communicate to each other very well. So for the two days I was nervous as hell. (made worse by the


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I had to work for the first three weeks of Jan, running the local shop. But after that I headed straight down to the coastal town of Hopetoun, south WA.  It was just gorgeous as the kids and I went swimming the moment we arrived. (Hubby had farmers still harvesting so he couldn’t join us until his bin was closed.) We stay in the caravan park and I love the thick bushes that make it nice and private. We have a onsite van so I only have to open the door without too much fuss. So needless to say I got straight down to typing (after the swim of course) and I didn’t have to worry about the kids. Gotta love a nice safe park thats right on the beach.  Without any housework, bored kids or internet distractions writing was my main focus and I managed to write 11,000 words in the four days I was there.  It got

Author Areas

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A few more pictures have come in so i’ll share these with you.  This first one I’ve actually seen on TV.  And I love the fact that Matthew likes to surround himself with toys, posters and figurines from his favourite movies to inspire him. He looks really happy to be there…sometimes I can’t stand my office and it puts me off writing. Now i’m thinking I should put up some enticing pictures. (and being a romance writer I can get away with a few handsome buff guys hanging around 🙂 Matthew Reilly is the bestselling author of nine novels and his latest one  Scarecrow and the Army of Thieves  is due out on the 12th of October.  Its amazing reading about him and I love this quote : Matthew Reilly, ‘Ice Station was a direct response to Hollywood action movies. I figured that when you make a movie, you are limited by your budget. Put simply, it

Author spaces

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This time i’d like to share Lisa Heidke‘s writing spaces.  She’s the lovely author of What Kate did Next, Claudia’s Big Break and Lucy Springer Gets Even. (I’m sure she’s busy writing away on her next book, no doubt using the area’s below) Lisa: “This is where I work when I have to…in other words when I have a deadline and have to put my head down. No distractions! I light a candle, drink tea and type as quickly as I can…so I can go back outside and into the sunshine.” Lisa: “This is where I pretend to work when I’m brain storming – which generally means I’m procrastinating because I’m stuck on a scene or have hideous edits to work through. In other words, I am avoiding doing any real writing. It’s happening a lot at the moment as I chase the spring sun around the garden…laptops have a lot to answer for!” ***

More writing spaces

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My next author has some very amazing writing spaces. (I’m jealous of these authors who get to mix travel and writing.) I’m so excited to show you Tony Park’s work areas. Tony writes about Africa so vividly in his books, you can tell he loves it. African Dawn is his latest book, which is going great guns. Thanks for sharing, Tony 🙂 Tony: “I write all my novels ‘on location’ in southern Africa. My wife, Nicola and I spend six months of each year in Africa and while most of our time is spent camping in our tent, occasionally we lash out and spend a night or two in a self-catering bungalow in the Kruger National Park, like this one. You can see the reality of life on the road intruding in the form of the washing up hanging behind me.”   Tony: “OK, so this is a staged PR shot of me at work, in Zimbabwe, which I


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