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On Saturday we had a visit from Santa and the whole town and more rocked up to watch the kids get their presents. Can you believe there are just over fifty presents under the tree!!!  We were most upset to find the mice had a munch on the red velvet on Santa’s chair but we were able to hide it.  It was a great night but I was totally worn out and now we have just under another year before we need to think about organising the next one. It’s forcast as a ripper hot one here for Christmas (38-40) so we are lucky to be heading to the coast.  Wost thing is packing up all the pressies…only to bring them all back lol. Looking forward to sitting by the beach with a good book.  And i have lots to pick from as I have about seven to read!!  hmm don’t think i will get through

My desk

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This is my little area for writing. It used to be the desk with my sewing machines on it…but they have been put into ‘permanent’ storage!  Lets face it…I can’t sew to save myself…just a few running repairs is the best I can manage.  I usually park my butt in the chair, sometimes light a smelly candle and bung on some music. Although the music has to be in the background…if I have it too loud I end up getting lost in the song…and not my characters.  I have draws for ideas, my past books and future stories, RWA stuff in another and my current info next to my computer.  I have a diary of the year so I can plan out the books…need to have the seasons right.  Also water…if I don’t have water on hand I tend to get hungry and end up side tracked by food.  Writing isn’t the best job for


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Well I spent two days in Newdegate for the field days…and boy was it cold.  I was lucky to be invited to attend as this year they had set up a Women in Agriculture tent.  It was a brilliant idea and I got to meet so many wonerful people.  Victoria Brown was one of them. A wonderful lady and a born entertainer.  I had the pleasure of listening to her perform a few poems and my favourite was The Local Elders Man.  She hails from Esperance way, a friend of Fleur’s.  Even though Fleur couldn’t make it, Esperance was represented well. We also got to hear from the Rural Woman of the Year, Sue Middleton.  Some great topics were discussed!  Also the tent had poems, short stories and photo’s of women in agriculture.  A large map sat on a table for everyone to pin a flag on where they had come from…very interesting. In


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Sept 1-2 I have been invited to the Newdegate Field Days on the Wed 1st and Thurs 2nd, and so has Fleur McDonald. I was talking to Fleur this morning and she said she can make it for the Wednesday, which will be great.  We will have all day to catch up!  So if anyone is coming along, drop by and say hi to us. I will have books available too and hopefully so will Fleur. Looking forward to catching up with lots of people, field days are great for that.  I was told that all the sites have been booked out so that is a great sign.  They have done a lot of work with Women in Agriculture as the theme. Heaps of great things happening and available, I’m sure I read pampering…I love that word!!  Next week all the details come out with The Countryman….and I believe an article on moi.  It’s an


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Before we went to Sydney for the RWA conference we stopped off in Melbourne to stay with my hubby’s nan in Yarraville, not far from the west gate bridge.  Williamstown is also nearby, which we stopped at for fish and chips and treats while we looked over the water at the city. While there, we went to Camberwell, where Penguin has its office and we got the tour and meet many of the people I email.  I now have faces for all these names.  The kids managed to behave until the last fifteen minutes so then we caught some trams to the Melbourne Museum. I loved seeing the Titanic Artefact exhibition.  Seeing the room re-creations of the first and third class and the grand staircase were amazing.  The kids loved touching the wall of ice and my hubby liked the construction parts and the huge spanners.  (the kids rushed through at a million miles an

Romance Writers Conference

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Well I had so much fun at the Romance Writers Association Conference in Sydney.  Look at where we were right on the waterfront at Coogee!  On Thursday I attended a workshop and we had Wendy Harmer – – who is an author of chick lit, hen lit and YA books and a well known comedian.  Yes she had us in fits of laughter as she showed us some of her nags from her book Nagging for Beginners.  Hilarious stuff. We had one of the writers from the Underbelly series talk and many others.  We were fed well also…one of my favourite parts…the choc éclairs were scrummie. On Friday afternoon it was the big book signing event and I was positioned next to Bronwyn Parry.  It was great to finally meet Bron along with Helene Young who you can all find on I also got to meet Bec Sampson who was in an online


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I went out to Burnside today (the Garard’s farm) as they were shearing.  I needed a few pictures for the book trailer and for the website so people can see what I’m talking about when they read my next book.  I found out today that there are three Burnside’s in WA (hence the PIN (for Pingaring) under the farm name on the bale).  If your farm name is one of them, tell us where about in WA you are? I was hoping to take photo’s of the hero of my book, a blond muscly 28 year old shearer…but alas…he was nowhere to be seen. (Maybe he was off sick!?!) Actually I think he’s left and gone to work on the mines!! Anywhoo I got plenty of other shots and was even in time for Di’s morning smoko!  What a treat!  Sitting on a bale with a cuppa made by my mate Dennis with a range

Tony Parsons

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Being a big fan of rural/outback books, I, like many others, have Tony Parsons’ books in my bookshelves.  The Call of the High Country, Return to the High Country, Valley of the White Gold and Silver in the Sun.  I was talking with friends on facebook about what Tony was up to as we hadn’t heard from him in a while….surely a book must be close?  So I contacted Tony and we had a chat!  Firstly, I let him know I was also an author with Penguin and we had the same publisher and secondly – and most importantly- that I had all his books!! He was happy to chat with me and I was amazed to find out he would be turning 80 in a few months!!  So of course, being a fan, I asked him what he was working on.  Tony has just finished a 700 page book called “The Kelpie” his biggest

Guest: Amanda Hampson

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I feel very lucky to have Amanda Hampson guest blog for my website…my very first guest too. Huge thanks!  Amanda has been writing professionally for more than 20 years she has had numerous articles and two non-fiction books published along with two novels published by Penguin… and we share the same publisher too.  I only found this out by reading the acknowledgements in one of her books ‘Two for the Road’.  I love reading the acknowledgements, as it’s an insight into the author. Amanda also wrote ‘The Olive Sisters’ which is on my TBR pile.  She is doing some exciting work with this book and I can’t wait to sink my eyes into it. You can subscribe to her newsletter at The Write Workshops. I hope you enjoy her blog as much as I did…the whole option for a movie part is very interesting and something I guess some authors only dream about.  (That’s me…dreaming.) Warm


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We meet family in Hopetoun over the weekend to celebrate our niece’s 1st birthday.  We arrived friday night to a mess as the caravan park had huge amounts of rain a few days before and our anix showed just how much.  Hmmm….a bit of cleaning was needed but thankfully we had it sorted quickly.  We had rain most of the first day…wish I could have brought some home with us as we still have a few farmers who haven’t done any seeding yet. No hair pulling and screaming going on yet but the stress is still there…and the question about wether to seed or not!  Come on mother nature…spare us a little bit! But our last two days were great.  This picture is where we fished one afternoon and we couldn’t have asked for a better day.  No wind!!  Amazing in Hopey.  And salmon was caught for tea.  *yes – my eating to walking ratio was blown out of


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