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We meet family in Hopetoun over the weekend to celebrate our niece’s 1st birthday.  We arrived friday night to a mess as the caravan park had huge amounts of rain a few days before and our anix showed just how much.  Hmmm….a bit of cleaning was needed but thankfully we had it sorted quickly.  We had rain most of the first day…wish I could have brought some home with us as we still have a few farmers who haven’t done any seeding yet. No hair pulling and screaming going on yet but the stress is still there…and the question about wether to seed or not!  Come on mother nature…spare us a little bit!

But our last two days were great.  This picture is where we fished one afternoon and we couldn’t have asked for a better day.  No wind!!  Amazing in Hopey.  And salmon was caught for tea.  *yes – my eating to walking ratio was blown out of the water but it was a weekend off…and it was too cold so I had to eat lots!*

Well we have booked our tickets, we are off to Melbourne and Sydney…mainly to visit family and so I can attend the RWA conference in Sydney.  I’ve never been to one before andIi will finally get to meet Bronwyn Parry and Helene Young.  Bronwyn is also up for a Romantic Book of the Year award and I’m glad I will be over there for all the excitement!  Fleur McDonald is also up for the same award….so even more reasons to be excited.  Congrats to them both along with all the other finallists!

As for my own news…at the meeting I got the thumbs up for my next book, offer will be on its way this week and then into the nitty gritty.  Book cover, title, final edits and working on the book trailer also.  I might even get back to work on book 3 if I have time.

But for now I have pumpkin scones that need cooking as I have a friend coming over this afternoon, I can’t wait!

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