Writing spaces part 3

Saturday, 17 September 2011 by

Okay, I’m back again with the next round of author’s and their special places.   I was hoping to get this up on Friday but I had to work at the shop. But now I have the whole weekend to put this one together.  This time we’ll start with Cathryn Hein. You would have seen her new book Promises doing the rounds in the papers and displayed in the shops. I was lucky to meet this wonderful lady in person at the RWA conference. (Yes, I met lots of amazing authors there…and i’ll be going again next year lol) Cathryn: “One of my best writing investments has been this work station and chair. I used to work on an overcrowded old square desk with a cheap office chair but found it too uncomfortable. This set-up allows me to have all my notes spread out and within swivel distance, and being under the window means there’s plenty of light.

Writing spaces part 2

Wednesday, 14 September 2011 by

Hopefully you are eagerly waiting to see into the next few authors private writing spaces…I know I am. I find it so fascinating!  Well I won’t dribble on and make you wait.  Here are the next few: First up I have Rachael Treasure, who is, in my mind, the Queen of the rural genre. Her first book Jillaroo being one of my favourites and her new book The Girl and the Ghost Grey Mare is due out 1st October. Love that the Penguin’s feature 🙂 Below is her view from the window…I’m jealous! Rachael: “Here is my writing space! Since moving into a two-bedroom house with my two children a year ago I don’t have the luxury of an office or studio anymore. Instead my writing space is set in a tiny corner of my bedroom. I love having my work space here as I can get up and create in the night at any time

Writing spaces – part 1

Monday, 12 September 2011 by

I don’t know about you guys, but I love getting glimpses into writers lives. It’s one of the reasons I love reading the acknowledgements in the books I love.  So this is what inspired the next few blogs on ‘writing spaces’.  I have asked a few of my writing friends for a snap shot into their lives and of the special place where our characters are born and our stories are made. My first author is Nicole Alexander, writer of The Bark Cutters and A Changing Land. She is not just a writer but a fourth generation grazier working on her family property which is located 110 km north west of Moree and 100 km west of Goondiwindi near the NSW QLD border.   Nicole: “As I’m easily distracted I make sure I can’t look directly out a window, hence my corner position. Having said that when the floods were on in January I did keep my eyes glued

Articles & Interviews

Sunday, 19 June 2011 by

Just thought i’d share with you an interview I did with Booktopia. They have a brilliant website with lots of interviews from your favourite authors, so if you haven’t already…check them out. Lots of great stuff. And an article in the Herald Sun about rural authors! Go rural fiction!! *I need pom poms to shake lol*

Pressing send

Sunday, 15 May 2011 by

“Magic was happening.  For Sarah, even from an early age, she felt the energy around her from the land.  This afternoon was no different.” That is the start for Sarah’s Journey…for the moment at least before the editors get a hold of it!! So on Friday I finally finished my last minute read through before sending Sarah’s Journey off.  I was so excited, happy and felt like celebrating…and then I realised I still had to send it off to the publishers! Oh what was I thinking…was it good enough…the last part was a bit cheesy and the bit in the middle was saggy…wasn’t it? Crikey I don’t know…one minute I think it was okay and then in the next breath I feel like everything I wrote was utter crap.  (I’m really selling the book arn’t I, LOL) I’ve got even more reason to be scared and to keep a lid on my excitement…because my first attempt


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At the moment i’m waiting for my camera to be posted back to me, so until then I can’t put up any blogs of my south-west tour of WA. (Sorry…but have no fear i’ll be blogging a minute by minute blog of the whole trip!! Only jokes…wouldn’t want you all to fall asleep at the computer)  None the less i’m using my free time with the re-writing of book 3…AKA Sarah’s Journey. (working title…with my track record it probably wont stay. I can write a book but can’t pick a title lol) I finished my first draft of Sarah’s Journey in January, but after talks with my publisher Ali we have decided on some changes…some big and some small.  While I was doing my tour my mum came along to keep me company so I had help to plan out some new conflicts and themes for Sarah’s Journey. Spending lots of time travelling we had plenty of

With the girls

Wednesday, 16 February 2011 by

Yes that wonderful time came around again…bookclub.  The gang met at our host house for the night. (A few girls missing from the picture and Catherine was too busy taking her own pics!)  Thanks Di for a brillant night and the fab choc dessert birthday cake. (I love the fact that there were only 5 candles…not 32!) I even made a wish!  Talk about feeling very spoilt and having a ball…bit of a late one, but so worth it.  I think we managed to talk about books, a few times. Then when my book came out (as its our next read…well not for me…I need a break from it!) we were in fits of laughter as bits of Heart of Gold was read out. (It was cringe worthy!!)  I must say its an uncomfortable feeling having your words read out…especially the naughty bits! The girls looking to see if they know anyone in it!  Thanks Ladies for a super

First Chapter

Wednesday, 02 February 2011 by

Hi all, well the first chapter is up for Heart of Gold. You can read it on the right under the book cover.  –> –> This was my view over the weekend in Esperance. Went down for my sister in law’s wedding, which was also on the beach. It was beautiful and we got to catch up with everyone and spend time with our adorable niece. The colour of the water was amazing…hopefully we will go back again soon.  I didn’t get any writing done but now that school has gone back…yes, I took a very quiet minute to enjoy my empty house…I will now get back into the edits for Sarah’s Journey.  Also have to start organising my launch details etc, so will have them up shortly. Those in WA who would get a copy of The Wagin Argus would have seen the big picture of the new book and details about the launch. I will


Friday, 21 January 2011 by

Okay, for those of you who are wondering what i’ve been up to since finishing the first draft on Sarah’s Journey…well work!  I’ve taken two weeks off work…shop work, not mum or author work….and managed to sand back and re-varnish our front doors and re-oil the deck.  Yes, my back is soooo sore but it had to be done. I don’t know about you, but it was worth it, as it all looks vibrant and almost new again. I even bee’s waxed our french doors, which is the second set of doors, that go into our bedroom.  I love the smell of bee’s wax floating through the house…my husband, not so much. But its not all hard work! I went into town yesterday and caught up with family. A new baby Hicks to cuddle and gush over…yes, i’m one of those clucky people over babies.  What can I say, I can handle a bit of

Heart of Gold

Tuesday, 11 January 2011 by

Here is the cover for the new book due out on the 28th Feb this year. I love the old shearing shed in the background, i’ve been in a few that look similar so it’s nice to have something that relates.  Also below is the trailer for Heart of Gold…just a little something so you know whats to come.  x heart of gold trailer


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