With the girls

by / Wednesday, 16 February 2011 / Published in Events, Heart of Gold, The Writer's Life

Yes that wonderful time came around again…bookclub.  The gang met at our host house for the night. (A few girls missing from the picture and Catherine was too busy taking her own pics!)  Thanks Di for a brillant night and the fab choc dessert birthday cake. (I love the fact that there were only 5 candles…not 32!)

I even made a wish!  Talk about feeling very spoilt and having a ball…bit of a late one, but so worth it.  I think we managed to talk about books, a few times. Then when my book came out (as its our next read…well not for me…I need a break from it!) we were in fits of laughter as bits of Heart of Gold was read out. (It was cringe worthy!!)  I must say its an uncomfortable feeling having your words read out…especially the naughty bits!

The girls looking to see if they know anyone in it!  Thanks Ladies for a super night out and all the birthday wishes!

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