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I’ve been a little quiet lately, but there is a good reason for that. Harvest. Now last year I spent harvest writing The Sunnyvale Girls and by the time I came up for air I had one ride in the truck with dad and then harvest was finished. A very weird feeling I must say….felt like I’d missed a whole chunck of life. But not this year, this year some friends asked if I would drive their second header. I jumped at the chance as they were happy for me to work between school hours. Perfect. It probably wasn’t meant to last long but due to weather, good yield and breakdowns we are still harvesting. Not that I’m complaining as I’m loving it. I have a beautiful big yellow New Holland header called Holly and we have been carving up the paddocks, collecting canola, barley and wheat. Going to work each day is a joy.


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Yesterday my son and I jumped into the truck with my dad and headed out for a load.  It’s hot and sweaty, dusty and sometimes itchy and there were spider webs….but besides all that it still is fun to go out for a ride. Here is my son, sitting up the back enjoying the ride. When we got out to the farm, they had finished those paddocks are were getting ready to move to another area of the farm. So my dad & Blake went back to the CBH bin to drop off his load and I stayed to help John shift.  With my Uncle & Aunty not on their farm anymore, I miss out on helping them shift, so this was fun.  They gave me the old Landy, which was still in good shape. The comb on the back makes it hard to turn through gates as it is, but this one had no lenght on the tow hitch,

Power problems

Tuesday, 22 November 2011 by

Having your power go out is never great. It happened again today while I was at work. It surged on and off and took out half the shop, and caused one of our computers to fry and stinck the place out. So the end of the day was spent guessing the price of beer and writing it all down to enter into the compute once it’s fixed. The bin across the road which my DH runs also came to a stand still. (Just what you want during harvest..not) Farmers left waiting to see how long till the power was back on. Would they get their load off today? As it turns out, no. So then they had to ring up and get people to come pick them up and take them home. (After a few coldies, mind you.) This also meant headers would have to stop also. I took the kids over to see their dad

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Abundant fruit

Wednesday, 11 November 2009 by

This is our fruit tree enclosure and its full of life and budding fruit. Our grape vines are loaded (hopefully the chooks wont get them this year) and the peaches are growing madly as you can see below. They are the first pick, followed by the nectarines usually. Its exciting to watch as the trees flower and then each day being amazed as the fruit grows. I can’t wait to fill myself with ripe fruit fresh from the tree!

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Little helper

Monday, 17 August 2009 by

My aunty emailed me this photo the other day and its just too cute. It was taken during the 2007/08 harvest and my son Blake just wanted to help his uncle Mocka fix the header. Funny how kids think by them touching it, it will magically work!! If only.

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