Power problems

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Having your power go out is never great. It happened again today while I was at work. It surged on and off and took out half the shop, and caused one of our computers to fry and stinck the place out. So the end of the day was spent guessing the price of beer and writing it all down to enter into the compute once it’s fixed.

The bin across the road which my DH runs also came to a stand still. (Just what you want during harvest..not)

Farmers left waiting to see how long till the power was back on. Would they get their load off today? As it turns out, no. So then they had to ring up and get people to come pick them up and take them home. (After a few coldies, mind you.) This also meant headers would have to stop also.

I took the kids over to see their dad and pop. I think this is the most fluro yellow I’ve seen together in one spot. Once no one wore hi-vis shirts, then it was just the bin crew, now it’s everyone. So much has changed with saftey these days. (Gone are the days when you learnt the hard way lol)

My Dad waiting by the sample hut. His truck way down the line but he’s lucky…he only has to walk over the other side of the bin and he’s home.

I’m happy to report it finally came back on…thank god my laptop has it’s own battery. Love my laptop…at least I could charge my phone on it. I was worried it’d go flat for a while there, oh how would I cope 🙁 

I’m off to Albany tomorrow to see the wonderful Lata, who will be taking some photo’s for me (publicity profile pics) as I need something new for the next book.

Enjoy the rest of your week! 🙂

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