Bluey & Tiger

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I went out today to help my friend with her horses again as we met the farrier near this paddock. These two horses belong to another lady, but I helped look after Bluey and Tiger (the pony).  And it was a good excuse to catch up with my friend 🙂

Here’s Wayne at work on the side of the road, well actually on it, but that was where the shade was. Not likely to see a car on this road very often anyway. (Besides my mum who would be doing the mail run an hour later)

This is Bluey. I’ve only been for a ride on him once and that was many years ago…before kids.  He was a good boy for me. He snotted all over his boss (my friend) before I had to take him, and even Tiger was well behaved.

When I was little we had horses practically in our back yard, which we used to feed. Then the neighbours left and took them and I never saw another one until I was 12.  Now quite a few of our friends have horses. I would love to be able to ride them really well, through rolling paddocks just like The Man from Snowy River, but i’m a total novice and think i’ll stick to cars which don’t have a mind of their own.

I’ve got to drive to town now, take one kid to an appointment and then to Milo Cricket, and be home in time for the CWA ladies BBQ under the Tree. Enjoy your weekend everyone. Hope you’re doing something fun. xx

(I have just seen the new cover for the book and I really hope everyone’s going to like it. Everyone should be able to see it early next year!)

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