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Okay so us country folk get a bit excited about rain. (Okay, maybe a lot!!)  And if you ever hear us chatting for example Fleur and myself on Twitter, we often ask about the rainfall.  Why, because its a huge part of our lives.  I guess in much the same as city folk may talk about traffic and which roads are better to take.

You might think we are all rather obsessed but it’s our livelyhood. The rain fall dosn’t just affect farmers, it can have a huge impact on communities and other business.  If the farmers suffer, then they stop shopping in town and workers can be put off. Contractors lose business and they also stop shopping and then everyone is in the same boat and because everyone is counting penny’s then sports and other activities can suffer. Then people leave the district.  Our little town is shrinking each year, and our clubs are struggling when they once strived. So it’s sad to experience, watching schools and businesses close.

Yes, we could all stop complaining and move and not have to worry about these things, but i’m passionate about where I live. (And just plain stubborn) Sometimes its the struggle that makes a place/person who/what they are.  🙂  And i’m a bit sentimental.

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