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This is my best mate Jacinta with her two horses Bluey and Tiger.  She was travelling the 30-40km to meet the farrier at another farm and as it was nearby, I met her and went along.

It takes me over twenty minutes to get to Jacinta’s farm so I don’t get to catch up with her as often as I would like, and our kids keep us busy, so I was glad we could catch up today.  I packed up a some tea and biscuits to have on the way, such a nice day for it too. It also gave me a chance to give her youngest child lots of cuddles. 🙂 I miss my kids at that age, before the answering back and the ‘you’re the meanest mum’ began.

Now i’m not at home on a horse, I prefere the four wheeled variety of transport. But I still find them amazing and Bluey was the last horse i’ve been on. (who was more interested in going back to find his little mate Tiger then taking me for a ride)  Both my kids have been on Tiger, althought not in a while.  School holidays are coming up so we might have to plan something…

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