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On Sunday my friend had my kids out on her farm (which they loved) and it gave me the chance to play some golf at our local club. I’m not a great golfer or a mad keen one but I do enjoy the walk. Especially when the wildflowers and orchids are out. This top shot is in our GUR (ground under repair) area. Yes, my ball had gone off course and no, I didn’t find it!!! (Probably didn’t help that I was too busy taking photo’s of all the flowers around me.)scrub

This bottom photo dosn’t look that great, but in real life those tiny white flowers growing at the bottom of the rock are just beautiful.




We have donkey orchids galore but I can’t say i’ve seen this many in one clump. They are so small and delicate.


We also have Spider orchids. The most common one is the green one down the bottom. But this purple one caught our eye too.

spider spider green

But a very rare and special one is the Pingaring Spider Orchid which was found by my Aunty Kate. (Actually my mum’s Aunty, but Aunty Kate to us too) Back in 1984 she found this one.

Pingaring spider orchid (Caladenia graniticola)

Status: Critically endangered

This one has the spikey throat.


I took many more photo’s but there is nothing like experiencing it first hand. 🙂

Now this might be my last blog before I fly off to Italy in 10 days. But do please follow me on my facebook page as I’ll post photo’s of my trip.

Also if you go to Goodreads here, you can enter the competition to win one of 10 signed copies of The Outback Heart. This ends on the 19th so I have time to post out your books before I fly off.

When I get back I’ll be also running a Palmer Pack. It will have all of my books, signed, in one prize! (Great for Christmas!)

Now I think that’s all I had to tell you.


Teniamoci in contatto!




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