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Two days a week I work at the local shop, Pingaring Agsolutions.  We have everything a small town may need, groceries, alcohol, hardware, post, chemical, etc etc… And if i’m lucky i get to deliver chemical around seeding time, which means getting out an about.

On Thursday I headed out to some local farmers, my mate Rach’s family, to drop off chemical they needed to keep spraying with. Rach was behind my inspiration for Izzy in my first book and is as much a farmer as any other bloke. 

Dropping off the drums.  (and also a plug for my boss’s business…pay rise???  I wish lol)

I then headed next door where the rest of the gang was. Rach was calculating something…its maths so I wasn’t interested, but i’m guessing chemical rates for their worker to spray out. Her dad and brother were re-calabrating the big red fancy seeding machine, while I got to chat to Isla (mum). A real working family. 

So I loved my drive, getting to see the country side and it was a glorious day.  Most farmers our way are waiting for a decent rain before they start their seeding program.  If you’ve got rain, blow it our way. Cheers. x

Isn’t this cute. Gidget our 13yr old Kelpie and Sally our beagle/collie/lab/bitsa everything 9month old pup snuggling together.  Gidget likes to pretend she dosn’t like the energetic younger dog, but this just goes to show that they still love each other…either that or its just so darn cold they had to snuggle for warmth. Cute. 🙂   (and yes, my house is blue…you can just see it)

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