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Over the weekend we headed to Perth so I could finally enjoy my birthday present from my hubby. (Also needed to get a new phone as I killed my last one…it was an accident, I promise.  But I love my new one and turns out the plan works out cheaper than the last phone. Joy all round)

Tiger Moth Flight  Here is a snippet of what I saw whilst in the blue skies over Perth.

I’ve only been in a small 4 seater plane before when a friend of mine and I did a flight with our Aeronautics teacher at school.  But this was totally different having the open air around me. I tried to imagine what it must have been like flying one of these during the war and trying to shoot down other planes. It really was an amazing experiance and I loved the loops, sky-ocean-sky-ocean.  My legs took a while to stop vibrating from the old plane. There wasnt much between me and the air except a thin slice of metal. Scary thought lol.

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