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I spent a few days down at Hopetoun, (south east coast of WA) to give myself some writing time while the kids enjoyed a break during school holidays. As it was, I had to spend half the day cutting branches off a fallen tree and dig out gutters full of rotten leaves. Fun, not! But the excercise helps balance the rest of the day sitting on my backside writing. (Not the most physicall of jobs being an author!)

I love the white sandy beaches here, perfect, but HATE it in my car. Kids brought heaps home in their pockets by accident!! Don’t let them do this, the morning before you head home.

 When we got home I took the kids out to Buckley’s Breakaway. A place we went to lots as kids for birthday parties and fun (and my dad even had a few parties out there when he was younger), so I couldn’t believe I hadn’t taken my kids there yet. (It’s only 15mins away).

The kids had fun sliding down the slops, a few sore bum’s afterwards. Note: wear jeans not a dress Mackenzie!!

Now today its a hot blowing yuckie day and I’m taking the kids out to a friends farm to do some sheep work. They are crutching. Kids are keen as mustard. Wish my uncle was still on his farm, and still had his sheep. Miss going out there and I know the kids would have loved it. Thinking of getting them a little car to drive around in. My daughter drove our car the other day but I’d like her to learn in a manual. Brings back memories of my cousins and I carving up the farm paddocks in the Datsun. Ah, good times.

Now I’m flying off to Darwin on the 26th for a Library talk, here at the details:

Hope those that are close by can come along. Will be a great night. I’ll be opening an event in Gosnells on the Saturday after returning from Darwin and looking forward to catching up with Jaye Ford, who is over promoting her book Scared Yet? Here’s her dates.

So I just had word yesterday that the cover for The Sunburnt Country is getting close. I may get my first glimpse at it in a few weeks. Oh, it’s so exciting. I’m still waiting on the last lot of edits for it and in the mean while I’m pounding the keyboard with the first draft of The Outback Heart. (Due out 2014)

That’s all from me, must go get out of my PJ’s and into my Redback boots. 🙂


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