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I’m excited to have fourth generation grazier and bestselling author Nicole Alexander here today to share her inspiration. Nicole’s new book, Absolution Creek is out now, and a fine addition to her growing colletion of rural books. When you read Nicole’s section below you can see why her books are written so beautifully and just how easily she takes us into her world visually. Thanks for stopping by Nicole!


Many things inspire me through the course of a day; a flock of birds winding their way to a waterhole at sunset, clouds drifting against a duck-egg blue sky and the caress of the wind on my skin. Although as a grazier I’m particularly aware of the elements and the landscape around me, there is something about spring that makes me both joyous and curious about life in all its many forms. Spring is about renewal and birth, and to an extent, determination. I imagine the myriad plants which lie dormant in the ground, waiting patiently for the cold soil to soften. Lingering beneath layers of frost chilled earth these plants await the first few rays of warming sunlight before struggling upwards to turn their faces towards life.

The splash of colour on a canvas, a familiar chord of music and the beauty of a dancer remind us all of the possibilities of life and just like nature, make us appreciate the world we live in. All we have to do is stop moving for a minute. Reflection and appreciation, two simple words but sometimes it’s hard to find the time for both. Last week I attended the River of Life conference at St. George, QLD. This combined gathering (Australian Women In Agriculture & QLD Regional, Rural & Remote Women’s Network) hosted some 200+ women in a sleepy bush town that strides the mighty Balonne River. Delegates attended from all over QLD many from remote areas and the majority bush based. It was a time for learning and sharing, networking and celebration and I came away reflecting on the breadth of talent and passion present at the conference as well as being inspired by stories of self-sacrifice and courage. For many of us the demands of living and working in regional, rural and remote Australia can sometimes make it difficult to put one foot in front of the other. In a room with a myriad of women from the bush, I along with the rest of the conference participants took a breath and reflected on the talent and resilience residing in each of us. That’s inspiration.

Thanks Nicole. That was just gorgeous.  I can understand how the land around us and the wonderful people we meet can inspire.   It’s certainly what keeps me going.

I will be attending a ‘posh in the paddock’ event in a few weeks and I’m so excited to be rubbing shoulders with these amazing ladies and sharing our stories. It’s great that these events are happening in our rural and remote communities. So make sure you get to one if you can. 🙂

Don’t forget Nicoles wise words: Stop moving for a minute. Reflection and appreciation.

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