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I don’t know about you guys, but I love getting glimpses into writers lives. It’s one of the reasons I love reading the acknowledgements in the books I love.  So this is what inspired the next few blogs on ‘writing spaces’.  I have asked a few of my writing friends for a snap shot into their lives and of the special place where our characters are born and our stories are made.

My first author is Nicole Alexander, writer of The Bark Cutters and A Changing Land. She is not just a writer but a fourth generation grazier working on her family property which is located 110 km north west of Moree and 100 km west of Goondiwindi near the NSW QLD border.


Nicole: “As I’m easily distracted I make sure I can’t look directly out a window, hence my corner position. Having said that when the floods were on in January I did keep my eyes glued to the Boomi River which is just through the window over my right shoulder. About seven years ago I was looking for a new  desk, eventually  I purchased this one, an actual door and then screwed in legs care of Ikea! Presto the perfect length and width.  I have to admit that I tidied my desk for the shot as I’m a great hoarder of resource material.”


Next I have the lovely Karly Lane author of North Star.  We both have a similar ‘glitch’ in our writing…a small thing called children. We love them lots but kids don’t understand it when you’re in the ‘zone’ and need to just finish this chapter. Their bellies are more imporant and as mine always say ‘they are going to die if they don’t get something to eat now’.

Karly: “This is ‘control central’! It’s in the corner of my lounge room where I can see what the kids are up too and if I’m writing at night, I can still be  part of the family…I’ve just had to learn to block out noise and write in short snatches of time, but a set of headphones can solve the noise problem when it gets too bad!

I love my cork boards and if you look closely you might see my little bits of inspiration- scrap cotton picked up from the side of the road out around the Namoi area where I got the inspiration for Morgan’s Law, which you might also see, sitting on my desk going through edits!”


Now I bet you’re eager to see more, I know I am.

This next author has a rather different ‘spot’ where she writes.  Helene Young, author of Wings of Fear and Shattered Sky, is a busy pilot. And winner of the Romantic book of the Year award!! (I really like the pilot cap in the picture, Helene. It’s always great that an author knows what she’s writing about.)

Helene: ‘Being in a day job that involves travel has some advantages – someone else vacuums the floor and the towels are always dry – but it’s fortunate that I’m not fussy about where I write. Provided I have power for my laptop, internet connection (for research purposes only, honestly!!) and a comfy seat, I sink into my story and my surroundings disappear.’


A huge thank you to these lovely ladies for sharing their writing spaces with us, also the other authors which are yet to come.  (Fleur Mcdonald, Rachael Treasure, Margareta Osborn Kerby and Cathryn Hein.)

Keep an eye out…I have more coming soon.  🙂

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