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“Magic was happening.  For Sarah, even from an early age, she felt the energy around her from the land.  This afternoon was no different.”

That is the start for Sarah’s Journey…for the moment at least before the editors get a hold of it!!

So on Friday I finally finished my last minute read through before sending Sarah’s Journey off.  I was so excited, happy and felt like celebrating…and then I realised I still had to send it off to the publishers! Oh what was I thinking…was it good enough…the last part was a bit cheesy and the bit in the middle was saggy…wasn’t it? Crikey I don’t know…one minute I think it was okay and then in the next breath I feel like everything I wrote was utter crap.  (I’m really selling the book arn’t I, LOL)

I’ve got even more reason to be scared and to keep a lid on my excitement…because my first attempt at Sarah’s Journey wasn’t accepted.  I won’t go into detail the horror I felt after hearing the news…especially as I was so sure I was getting better at this writing game. So after feeling horrible for a day I had a pow wow with my wonderful publisher who explained in detail her thoughts…and funny enough I could totally see her point. The first draft was still okay…but my third book she wanted better.  Hear that readers, she’s looking out for you and me…so I don’t produce something sub-standard.  So I should be happy right? Well I am because I believe this second version is much better.  But i’m not listening to me…i’ve been wrong before.  But by the end of next week I should hear the news…bad or good.

So if you don’t hear from me late next week….it’s bad news and i’m still sulking LOL.  I’m sure they will publish it, i’m more worried about any more changes needed etc. 

Well thats where i’m at for the moment. I’m in limbo, just waiting…and catching up on housework. I don’t feel like starting my fourth book just yet. Still have Sarah on my mind.

Sarah’s story is about her journey of finding out where she belongs and what she really wants.

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