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Okay, for those of you who are wondering what i’ve been up to since finishing the first draft on Sarah’s Journey…well work!  I’ve taken two weeks off work…shop work, not mum or author work….and managed to sand back and re-varnish our front doors and re-oil the deck.  Yes, my back is soooo sore but it had to be done.

I don’t know about you, but it was worth it, as it all looks vibrant and almost new again. I even bee’s waxed our french doors, which is the second set of doors, that go into our bedroom.  I love the smell of bee’s wax floating through the house…my husband, not so much.

But its not all hard work! I went into town yesterday and caught up with family. A new baby Hicks to cuddle and gush over…yes, i’m one of those clucky people over babies.  What can I say, I can handle a bit of baby poop and vomit…argumentative, rude, naughty 7 and 5 year olds…not so much. (And they are no where near teenagers yet *sigh*)

While doing all this ‘other’ stuff, my writers brain is still ticking over, have no fear.  Already trying to fine tune some thoughts for the fourth book – a little more research is needed yet before I can write my outline. Then there is my YA book I wrote I would like to go back over and do another draft on.  But today I really need to get some bookwork done. Just looking at the pile of bits is making my head hurt.  So off I must go, before I find something better to do….like the six books on my TBR pile. x

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