Spoilt chooks

Monday, 04 June 2012 by

  A while back we got a heap of chooks from a friend, and combined with ours it overloaded the chook pen. This weekend we (and in we I mean Hubby, while I held a few bits of tin when I had time) finally got the new shed finished. I counted my chooks a while ago and was shocked to find I had 18 and not forgetting our two ducks. Since when did we have so many chooks?? No wonder we had about five dozen of eggs in the fridge a while back! But not now, the cold has put them off the lay. So the girls are very happy with the new bigger shed. Their old shed is now used to store their feed.  Seeing as it was a long weekend, and the day was a glorious (if depressingly rainless) day, we lit up the bonfire to roast some marshmallows in celebration of the

The best fed chooks

Wednesday, 04 March 2009 by

They certainly are! I get beautiful deep yellow eggs full of goodness. I have five chooks and four young chicks, which have grown up so fast. They live in the enclosure with our fruit trees and they ate all my grapes this year so I will have to be on the ball next year and get in first. This is only the second year for all the fruit trees and they are going great guns (they should be – some of the tractor tyres they are growing in are worth thousands … one is near new but has a hole – what a waste of money!).

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