Christmas 2013

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Our 87th community Christams Tree was on Saturday night. Lea and I had spent all week setting up for it, as well as our big two day trip to Perth. This is us, enjoying our cosy corner in the Hall.

This year we had bouncy castles for the kids to jump on after Santa left. (Luckily we had no casualties except for Lea’s boy & mine lol) The kids loved the massive castle, and I must admit it was lots of fun. I joined the kids a few times.

It’s always a little sad to see the numbers down each year. We are losing the older kids and not gaining any smaller ones. We only had 30 kids this year. It didn’t seem that long ago we had 60. We hate to think what it will be like in 4-5 years! We are planing a big 90th in 3 years time. It will be a big reunion event, so anyone who has any photo’s or bits and pieces from any of the last Christmas Tree’s let us know. (I still have my gift from Santa from my last year when I was 12! My son is holding it in the last photo.)

Santa arriving!

It’s a great night to catch up with community members who you haven’t seen in ages. A big thank you goes out to all. Not just the mum’s who help with set up & clean up, but its the dad’s who come along to help set up and take down the big stuff, its the aunts, uncles, grandparents or just community members who come along to lend a hand, whether it be helping serve dinner, cooking meat on the bbq’s or doing dishes. I hope Santa rewards you ALL on Christmas day!

Here is my mum with my darlings.

I wish you all a great Christmas and the very best for the New Year! xx


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