Xmas lights – Outback style

Saturday, 17 December 2011 by

So a couple of our locals came up with a competition to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. A notice went out to everyone, come and join in our Farm Gate Lights Competition. By friday night we gathered under the tree, our five house town now thriving with people. We fired up the barbie, cooked a few snags and fed the hungry mass as we waited until it was time to load up the bus! 7.3o we climbed aboard! All the seats were full! (Yes we were a little surprised at the great turn out) So then we were left in our wonderful drivers hands. Thanks Tess for the use of your bus and being our driver…we were louder than your average bus run!! On our way we had a rough floodway to navigate but lucky our bus-hostess, Mark, guided us to the exits, our crash position and where the gas masks would fall from.

Down the backyard

Monday, 12 December 2011 by

Meet our two new pets. We were given these two ducks with some extra hens. I’ve got small bantoms, so the new larger hens are trying to rule the chook pen. Bossy things they are. These two ducks I’ve put in our fruit tree area which didn’t have a water source. For the time being my sons toy truck will have to do. I found a duck egg under the grape vine this morning…can you spot it? I’ve just started picking some of the ripe apricots and a few peaches. The poor tree is loaded. Yum, just love summertime when all the fruit is ripe. And here’s some other things we have been busy at. With lots of full lakes around we now have a place to take the kids for a swim. My dad sold his boat years ago so lucky we have great locals who are happy to tow us around the lake for

Harvest Rain

Wednesday, 07 December 2011 by

Well Mother Nature has thrown a spanner in the works with massive amounts of rain during harvest. Our area has had from 80 to 130 mills and it is still raining. We went out this morning to take a few pictures, see below. With farmers already dealing with sprouted grain, this is not going to help at all. Money for grain isn’t that flash at the moment and even worse when downgraded to GP, or worse…feed. The water in town at our neighbrours house. At the end of town. A few farmers crops…hmm, bogged headers.

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Australiana – Poem by Lorna Madson

Monday, 28 November 2011 by

It’s been a while since i’ve put up another poem but I was talking with someone who really enjoyed the poem in Heart of Gold. But for the book we had to shorten it and could only use a few select verses. So now I’d like to share the proper version with you.  Enjoy. (Sorry for any typos, I had typers cramp by the end of this.) (Thanks to my Aunty Lorna, who wrote her poems when she was living in Pingaring) Australiana Boronia bushes heavily scented, Australian crawl, the stroke we invented, The Murray River and Golden Mile, The savage attack of the crocodile. Lightening Ridge where the opals are mined, Bundaberg where the sugar’s refined, The beauty of the desert peas, Widespread bottlebrush and acacia trees. Bushfires that make the best men nervous, The Royal Flying Doctor Service, Stations that sit in isolation, Arid land watered with irrigation. The endless soaring of teh big wedgetail,

Power problems

Tuesday, 22 November 2011 by

Having your power go out is never great. It happened again today while I was at work. It surged on and off and took out half the shop, and caused one of our computers to fry and stinck the place out. So the end of the day was spent guessing the price of beer and writing it all down to enter into the compute once it’s fixed. The bin across the road which my DH runs also came to a stand still. (Just what you want during harvest..not) Farmers left waiting to see how long till the power was back on. Would they get their load off today? As it turns out, no. So then they had to ring up and get people to come pick them up and take them home. (After a few coldies, mind you.) This also meant headers would have to stop also. I took the kids over to see their dad

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Bluey & Tiger

Friday, 18 November 2011 by

I went out today to help my friend with her horses again as we met the farrier near this paddock. These two horses belong to another lady, but I helped look after Bluey and Tiger (the pony).  And it was a good excuse to catch up with my friend 🙂 Here’s Wayne at work on the side of the road, well actually on it, but that was where the shade was. Not likely to see a car on this road very often anyway. (Besides my mum who would be doing the mail run an hour later) This is Bluey. I’ve only been for a ride on him once and that was many years ago…before kids.  He was a good boy for me. He snotted all over his boss (my friend) before I had to take him, and even Tiger was well behaved. When I was little we had horses practically in our back yard, which

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Bush Living

Saturday, 29 October 2011 by

We are a funny lot, country people. We get excited about things like rain and even this new section of road.  It wasn’t a long stretch of new bitumen, but all the same its still less gravel we have to travel along. Not much happens around here, so things like this are exciting for a little town. (Don’t let me get started on our curbing in town! Curbing…in Pingaring!!) At work on Thursday we had some fella’s from Perth come down to train us, as we are Milne Feed reps, (easy lick)  and one of the guys was from India.  He was saying that after living in India, coming to Perth was a huge change. He couldn’t sleep because it was too quiet and he could hear the cockroaches!  So if he thought Perth was a country place, imagine what he thought of our 5 house town!!  First thing he said to me is ‘what do

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Friday, 21 October 2011 by

  I love my lilac trees. (Not as much in autum when they drop their leaves everywhere and the gutters get blocked) But right now they are full of tiny flowers that sprinkle down in the breeze like snow. (actually I wouldn’t know, I’m guessing here as i’ve never seen snow!) Their leaves provide us with awesome shade during the stinking heat of summer. One of my favourite spots to be, if only the flies and mozzies would leave me alone. I have another one out the front but it fends for itself without water and it does it’s best to grow in our horrible clay ground. Nasty stuff that clay, you should see the cracks in our house!! My mum has a massive lilac tree, which my brother and I always climbed.  I had this spot where I could lay back against a curved branch and enjoy the peace and quiet.  That poor tree


Friday, 30 September 2011 by

On the weekend we played our wind-up day of golf.  There was only six of us (huge club, I know) but we had a gorgeous day, the sun was warm and all the flowers were out. My golf was so wonderful that I spent most of my time in the bush taking photo’s of the wildflowers and orchids. The daisy’s were everywhere and so bright. They looked great around this tee base. The photo dosn’t do it justice. Of course I was lucky to find a donkey orchid. Most of them were already gone. I didn’t find a spider orchid either 🙁 And a few others that I stumbled across. (better than looking for a white ball that didn’t want to co-operate!!) I didn’t have time to focus this picture…I was lagging behind the others! (I was supposed to be playing flog) And lucky I wasn’t fined! Now the the school holidays are here, hopefully

Writing spaces – part 1

Monday, 12 September 2011 by

I don’t know about you guys, but I love getting glimpses into writers lives. It’s one of the reasons I love reading the acknowledgements in the books I love.  So this is what inspired the next few blogs on ‘writing spaces’.  I have asked a few of my writing friends for a snap shot into their lives and of the special place where our characters are born and our stories are made. My first author is Nicole Alexander, writer of The Bark Cutters and A Changing Land. She is not just a writer but a fourth generation grazier working on her family property which is located 110 km north west of Moree and 100 km west of Goondiwindi near the NSW QLD border.   Nicole: “As I’m easily distracted I make sure I can’t look directly out a window, hence my corner position. Having said that when the floods were on in January I did keep my eyes glued


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