Clearing Sale

Thursday, 06 February 2014 by

Clearing sales may sound like a time to hit the shops but in the country it means a huge day, usually standing around in the boiling sun while you scan through rows and rows of stuff from a farmer selling up. They are like massive garage sales, including tractors, silo’s, utes, motorbikes, scrap metal, poly pipe and household stuff. Anything is usually up for sale. Yesterday was the first one of the season and we were called in to help sell lunch, which money would go to progress. So after putting the kids on the bus, we headed out to Isla’s to make up forty odd loaves of bread. There was six volunteers so we were ready by ten which gave us time to get out to the farm and set up. It’s a great time to catch up and natter about what’s been going on. We were set up in one of the sheds, right

Bush Living

Saturday, 29 October 2011 by

We are a funny lot, country people. We get excited about things like rain and even this new section of road.  It wasn’t a long stretch of new bitumen, but all the same its still less gravel we have to travel along. Not much happens around here, so things like this are exciting for a little town. (Don’t let me get started on our curbing in town! Curbing…in Pingaring!!) At work on Thursday we had some fella’s from Perth come down to train us, as we are Milne Feed reps, (easy lick)  and one of the guys was from India.  He was saying that after living in India, coming to Perth was a huge change. He couldn’t sleep because it was too quiet and he could hear the cockroaches!  So if he thought Perth was a country place, imagine what he thought of our 5 house town!!  First thing he said to me is ‘what do

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