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It was fitting that I got to spend my weekend in Denmark. (Not the country, the town south WA) I was booked into a place called Chimes, a gorgeous day spa for total relaxation thanks to owners Michelle & Kane. I didn’t think I needed it but it was totally amazing to spend two days without kids, without facebook and twitter (only the odd message got through) and no thinking about housework, and writing. Okay, so maybe while I was having my hot rocks massage I do recall my mind flicked over ideas for my 5th book, but it was only for a few minutes. I swear thats the only time I thought about my writing.  But I went there after just having finished the first draft on my 4th book, Bundara Skies. So you could imagine my relief at having sent that off to my publisher. Even better on Monday morning when I recieved a message

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