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I have been walking in the mornings at 5.30am with my mum. Sometimes we walk  around the paddocks behind our house and up to the rock. It takes us about an hour return trip walking fast. But as much as I hate getting out of bed it is so worth it. The air is so fresh and clear, the kangaroo’s are out and so are the birds.  We take the dogs with us  and they also walked to the top of the rock.

One moment was rather scary when we were at the top watching two big Eagles float in the air as it rushed over the rock as one of the dogs spotted it…and this dog isn’t mine, its our neighbours dog.  Even scarier when it darted off after it.Typical.

Now years ago we went up the rock as kids with our little Jack Russel, Patch.  He chased a lizard and ended up rolling over the edge of the rock much to our horror as we watched on, unable to stop him. I was around 13 I think, so it was traumatic.  Lucky for us, back then, my aunty was walking around the bottom and happened to watch the dog roll all the way down. Lucky Patch was a little dog because he survived it with only a few scrapes.  So here I am, thinking back on this moment and knowing the neighbours dog is twice Patch’s size…Oh heck! And I’m thinking of the phone call I might have to make! Oh Hell!

I got mum to watch our dog (I really didn’t need to lose both!) as I carefully headed to the egde calling his name. I thought he was a gonner for sure as it got steeper towards the edge, then I see the white ball of fluff running towards me over a rise. I tell you, I’ve never been so happy to see him!  We walked back home and both dogs were really buggered. A big swim in the dam for them both.

Here’s our view from the top. You can see our local golf club and the town where the white CBH bins are.










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