Bits and pieces

Sunday, 01 April 2012 by

My mum is away so I’m back doing the mail run for a few weeks. But i’m not complaining, it is great to get out and drive around the country side. My first port of call was Burnside Farm where I got to catch up with Coco (who, last time i’d seen her, was called Sparky lol). I had lots of cuddles and couldn’t belive how much she’d grown. Does she look like she’s laughing?? lol Then, when I went to drop Hendry’s mail, I had to fight with a dead tree to reach their mail box. It sure made a pretty sight the way the top of the tree had crashed into the ground. I walked through it like a dead stick jungle. It was very sturdy. Wonder how long it will last. (would make a great bonfire 🙂 )  And nearby one of Jane’s horses kept guard over the farm. You can see more of


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