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I am someone who see’s beauty in almost anything. Its always a half glass full with me, and why shouldn’t life be looked upon so fondly? When I’m in the city, I see beauty there, from the lights, rivers and fancy houses and when I’m home in the country its everywhere I turn.  Take this morning for example. I go out to feed the chooks and let them out just as a thick fog rolls in. So I grabbed my new camera and headed out to the lake to take some snaps.

Only problem is, when you see beauty in everything you look at…how do you take a really good photo???  I just wanted to take a photo of everything! When I was up the rock the other day I took photo’s of the moss as it was shimmering in the sunlight. No one else may see it, but to me it was just awesome. Or even how cool the drops look on the wheat growing in Baker’s paddock behind our house.

But the lake was gorgeous, especially with the fog and I tried to count the swans I could see but lost the plot after 40!

With the fog, the lake and sky blended and the swans were like little black d’s on a white page.

Even the sticks in the lake had me facinated! I was a bit lazy getting over the back fence to take photo’s yesterday and ripped a hold in my jeans, whoops! Oh well, its in a spot no one should be looking anyway.

 There was no spider at home today on this web.

Okay, I have now put my camera away and today I must do some edits before I have to head into town for the kids sports. It’s my baby girls 9th birthday today too! So must finish her cake.

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