Thursday, 26 July 2012 by

I am someone who see’s beauty in almost anything. Its always a half glass full with me, and why shouldn’t life be looked upon so fondly? When I’m in the city, I see beauty there, from the lights, rivers and fancy houses and when I’m home in the country its everywhere I turn.  Take this morning for example. I go out to feed the chooks and let them out just as a thick fog rolls in. So I grabbed my new camera and headed out to the lake to take some snaps. Only problem is, when you see beauty in everything you look at…how do you take a really good photo???  I just wanted to take a photo of everything! When I was up the rock the other day I took photo’s of the moss as it was shimmering in the sunlight. No one else may see it, but to me it was just awesome.


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