Mt Gambier

Saturday, 07 May 2011 by

On wednesday I drove to Perth and was lucky to catch up with Fleur Mcdonald.  We caught up over pizza, wine and burbon. Fleur is such an easy person to talk to and we had so much to chat about, and never enough time to cover it all! Thursday morning I was up early and off to the Airport to catch my flight to Adeliade and then a connecting one to Mt Gambier. While I was waiting for my flight out in Adelaide I had a radio interview and after it finished I just managed to catch my name getting called over to PA to board! Phew that was lucky I was paying attention. It made it real easy getting on the plane without the crowds.  (I got a whole book finished and started another with all the flying I did) Later I thought i’d landed in Ireland or somewhere similar as the contrast from


Monday, 04 April 2011 by

Over the weekend we headed to Perth so I could finally enjoy my birthday present from my hubby. (Also needed to get a new phone as I killed my last one…it was an accident, I promise.  But I love my new one and turns out the plan works out cheaper than the last phone. Joy all round) Tiger Moth Flight  Here is a snippet of what I saw whilst in the blue skies over Perth. I’ve only been in a small 4 seater plane before when a friend of mine and I did a flight with our Aeronautics teacher at school.  But this was totally different having the open air around me. I tried to imagine what it must have been like flying one of these during the war and trying to shoot down other planes. It really was an amazing experiance and I loved the loops, sky-ocean-sky-ocean.  My legs took a while to stop

2011 Tour

Friday, 01 April 2011 by

Our trip started when we travelled 400 odd km’s to Margaret River, such a beautiful area, where we booked into Bridgefield and had this cute little cabin to ourselves. I love old things with history so I enjoyed looking around this place.  That night we walked down to the Margaret River Bookshop where we were welcomed by the wonderful Keith Mcleod and his son, (A family run business) and we all sat down in his fabulous shop for a chat with some of the locals.  It really made me envious of the local people for having such a wonderful bookshop right at their door step, with such friendly helpful staff. I’d kill to have a bookshop within a 300km radius!! We (My mum and I) can not believe how many wonderful, warm, welcoming people we met on our tour. And how many people who came to the talk that we knew or had some sort of connection to them.

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Well we had two wonderful days in Wagin for the Woolorama.  We met with the GWN crew for an interview on Thursday before we set up and then headed back to my cousins place to camp the night. We set out early the next morning along a back gravel road to cut across to Wagin…then our car died. Stranded…well we would have been if cousin Nigel hadn’t come along the same way. So we bundled all our stuff into his ute and made it on time.  My dad had to drive 150km to fit a coil from his speedway car onto ours so we could pick it up on the way home.  Sometimes I don’t know what i’d do without family. Nigel featured a lot over the two days, with him shearing in the clean shears competition.  I was at my stand signing books but I heard that a woman won the intermediate event, which is great

Albany Signing

Saturday, 05 March 2011 by

Hamish and I in his Angus & Robertson book shop in Albany.  I signed some stock also so if you go in, asked for one of the signed copies.  Big thanks to Hamish and Lockie (and the girls) for organising and setting up for the signing. I’ve been going to Albany since I was little so I always love going back. And it was my chance to get some shopping in, catch up friends and spend some time with my cousin Tammy.  While I was in Kmart I snapped a picture of HoG on the shelves. (Finally I got to see it amongst all the other new books)

HoG Competition

Wednesday, 02 March 2011 by

Well I have come across a book and the cover isn’t perfect. You know when you cover your kids school books with contact and get a few bubble lines…well its like that. And for that reason I won’t sell it to anyone in that state. Instead I’m going to sign it personally for the winner of this competition and post it out. So for your chance to win a signed copy of Heart of Gold…(No one else will have a copy like it) all you have to do to go into the draw is email me at and tell me what you’d do if you had one wish. (Imagine your very own blue genie Aladdin poofed out of your cooking pot to grant you a wish.) I’ve already checked my pots…he’s long gone. lol I will draw the winner on Wednesday 9th before I head off to the Woolorama in Wagin.  Goodluck x

HoG Launch

Tuesday, 01 March 2011 by

  Up at the old Pingaring School was were we held the first launch of Heart of Gold. It funny going back to my old primary school which now is run as a community centre.  From 2pm to 7ish, people trickled in for a cuppa and a book.  It was great to see so many people who came from Lake Grace, Kulin, Hyden, Newdegate, Varley, Karlgarin and the locals. I’m surprised I can still speak after so much talking. Over sixty books went out the door yesterday.  Today life is back to normal as I head to work at the shop. But must remember I have a radio interview at 11.30 for Albany radio before I head there on Thursday! I got to catch up with friends who I hadn’t seen in ages, which was great as there was a lot of food to be eaten.  A few stayed behind for a few wines to

Heart of Gold Launch

Sunday, 27 February 2011 by

So tomorrow is the launch of my second book Heart of Gold. Sometimes I find it hard to believe I’ve gone from your average country girl, who likes cars and living in the bush, to someone who has published two books. I guess it’s hard to believe because life is still very normal, I clean house, sort kids, go to my day job and deal with the same things. Sometimes I can’t even fathom that I managed to sit down long enough to write a 370 page book, least of all two of them. I’m not sure how it happened?   But even though I’d never dreamed of becoming a writer, I wouldn’t have it any other way. The wonderful people I have met, whether it be other writers or fans, has truly enriched my life.  I also understand that not everyone is going to enjoy my books, we are all different and unique, but none the less


Wednesday, 23 February 2011 by

Okay, this is my where-a-bouts for March, as much as I know anyway. February 28th, Monday – Book Launch in Pingaring from 2-6pm at the old school. Everyone welcome, come for afternoon tea! March 3rd, Thursday – Albany Angus and Robinson for a book signing from 12.30 till 1ish. 240 York St, Albany. March 11th & 12th, Friday & Saturday – I will be at the Wagin Woolorama for both days, selling, signing and doing talks. Come see me in the Wool Pavilion. March 16th, Wednesday – Margaret River Book Shop 6.30pm – 8pm  details March 17th, Thursday – Busselton Library, corner of Stanley Street & Prince Street, for afternoon talks, wine and cheese etc . 5.30pm – 7pm March 18th, Friday – Rockingham 11.30 signing at Angus & Robinson. (Rockingham Shopping Centre) March 19th, Saturday – Gosnells Library, 12.00 talk and signings. I will add more as the details come in so please keep checking back as times

With the girls

Wednesday, 16 February 2011 by

Yes that wonderful time came around again…bookclub.  The gang met at our host house for the night. (A few girls missing from the picture and Catherine was too busy taking her own pics!)  Thanks Di for a brillant night and the fab choc dessert birthday cake. (I love the fact that there were only 5 candles…not 32!) I even made a wish!  Talk about feeling very spoilt and having a ball…bit of a late one, but so worth it.  I think we managed to talk about books, a few times. Then when my book came out (as its our next read…well not for me…I need a break from it!) we were in fits of laughter as bits of Heart of Gold was read out. (It was cringe worthy!!)  I must say its an uncomfortable feeling having your words read out…especially the naughty bits! The girls looking to see if they know anyone in it!  Thanks Ladies for a super


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