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Okay, competition has closed for the signed pre-release copy of Heart of Gold.  I had my very special mum pick a number and the lucky winner was: Katrina Simpson!!!!  YAY Katrina. Because so many people entered, (personally I thought you ALL deserved to win, but i’m no millionare, not even a thousandare)…but none the less, I have done two more draws for a copy of Heart of Gold.  (It will be signed, but it just won’t be a pre-release. Therefore the next winners wont get it until the start of March.) So the lucky other winners were: Karin Bridle and Emma Lynch!   Congrats to you all…I just hope you enjoy it…when it arrives.  So could the winners please email me their addresses and who you want it signed to. Stay tuned for more comps, as no doubt I will give everyone another chance closer to the release date. xx  Please know you are all winners in my mind for taking

Novel Idea

Monday, 17 January 2011 by

A couple of girls, while talking on Twitter about the horror of the floods, came up with an idea of asking other authors to donate signed books, manuscript assessments and anything else book related to help the victims of the QLD floods.  Those girls would be Katrina Germein, Emily Gale, Kate Gordon and fellow rural writer Fleur McDonald. The response they had was just amazing. If you head over to the website you can bid on signed copies of books by authors including: Rachael Treasure, Helene Young, Bronwyn Parry, Fleur McDonald, Lisa Heidke, Kylie Ladd, Katie Fforde, Craig Silvey, Wendy Orr, all of the organisers books, and myself  just to name a few. (You can bid on a pre-release of Heart of Gold!) So if you have a few minutes please pop over to take a look and see if there is something that you love, or that would be a great Christmas or birthday present


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This was my car Sunday arvo, looking like Santa’s sleigh.  Filled to the brim with pressents.  My mate Lea and myself headed to Perth for the yearly shop.  Our numbers have dropped this year to 50 kids.  Big kids moving on and not many little ones being born.  So we didn’t have to find as many gifts this year.  We know all the kids, and try to get the biggest and best pressy with our set limit of $.  We take our job very seriously as the Christmas tree has been on every year since 1929…from memory… and is the biggest attended event our town has.  We are a bit bummed we wern’t successful with our grant this year. (Especially being such a tough year for the community/farmers) It means we have to charge people for the bbq packs.  We try to fundraise throughout the year so we cover this cost as the xmas tree is such

Dymocks Day

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On Thursday, 25th November I will be in Perth at Dymocks Carousel for a special day they are having.  I will be there at 10 till 11-ish if anyone is around and wants to say ‘hi’ or get a book signed.  I believe Juliet Marillier will be there at 12 also.  While I’m in Perth I will be catching up with my darling cousin, Megs for some girl time.  A movie is on the cards….new Harry Potter movie will be out too!!  Yes, I have all the books.  Read the first one when I was a teachers aid in a pre to year 3 class.  The teacher was reading it to the kids and I found myself totally lost in the magical world.  That was over 7 years ago!! I can’t believe it was that long ago…wow. My daughter wasn’t even born. Seeing as Heart of Gold is only 3 and 1/2 months away from release date…I have been thinking

Narrogin Talk

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  Last Friday i was invited to talk at the Narrogin Residential College…my old ‘Hostel’ for their presentation day. Thanks to Steve the College Manager for the invitation.  I spent year 8 to year 11 there! 4 years!! And I must admit I had some great times there. I didn’t get into that much trouble but i did get called into Mrs Dixon’s office once or twice.   Sadly I left after year 11 and missed out on the year 12 dorms.  Now they have a whole new building just for the year 12 and they don’t do the year 12 runs anymore.  (before finishing school they would attack at night with water, shampoo, flour…you get the idea..)  None the less i was scared about going back.  So i took my best friend Jacinta to help me through it. Jacint is also an ex-hostel girl (she was in my brothers year…poor girl!! LOL)  We were amazed with the changes and the room


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Well I spent two days in Newdegate for the field days…and boy was it cold.  I was lucky to be invited to attend as this year they had set up a Women in Agriculture tent.  It was a brilliant idea and I got to meet so many wonerful people.  Victoria Brown was one of them. A wonderful lady and a born entertainer.  I had the pleasure of listening to her perform a few poems and my favourite was The Local Elders Man.  She hails from Esperance way, a friend of Fleur’s.  Even though Fleur couldn’t make it, Esperance was represented well. We also got to hear from the Rural Woman of the Year, Sue Middleton.  Some great topics were discussed!  Also the tent had poems, short stories and photo’s of women in agriculture.  A large map sat on a table for everyone to pin a flag on where they had come from…very interesting. In


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Sept 1-2 I have been invited to the Newdegate Field Days on the Wed 1st and Thurs 2nd, and so has Fleur McDonald. I was talking to Fleur this morning and she said she can make it for the Wednesday, which will be great.  We will have all day to catch up!  So if anyone is coming along, drop by and say hi to us. I will have books available too and hopefully so will Fleur. Looking forward to catching up with lots of people, field days are great for that.  I was told that all the sites have been booked out so that is a great sign.  They have done a lot of work with Women in Agriculture as the theme. Heaps of great things happening and available, I’m sure I read pampering…I love that word!!  Next week all the details come out with The Countryman….and I believe an article on moi.  It’s an


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