Guest blog – Loretta Hill

Monday, 21 January 2013 by

This photo is an unlikely setting for a book but that is exactly where my guest Loretta Hill set her books and I can tell you it was a perfect choice. Loretta’s first hand experience turns her books into a charming, engaging read with likeable characters with the red dirt backdrop. She’s here today talking about her fabulous characters from her new book The Girl in the Hard Hat. Welcome Loretta.                         Dear Fiona, How are you? I’m great! Thanks for having me on your blog today to talk about my latest release, The Girl in the Hard Hat due to hit shelves this month. I’m so excited about this book. More excited than I was for the first one! I think it’s because of everything I went through to get it done. The manuscript was due on my publisher’s desk by August this

Guest blog – Sara Foster

Monday, 14 January 2013 by

On one of my trips to Perth last year I caught up with Sara Foster (a bestselling psychological suspense writer) and her gorgeous daughter for a chat. It’s always wonderful meeting other authors as we have so much in common. Being able to share and swap stories face to face is a treat for me as the nearest author is miles away. We both got our first contracts in 2008 – wow has time gone by fast. I’ve asked Sara over today and here she shares her thoughts.   NEW YEAR, NEW BEGINNINGS Usually by the time 1st January comes around I have a neat list of resolutions for the coming year. However, this year I’ve suddenly found myself in 2013 while still trying to catch my breath from 2012! However, one thing I have vowed to myself is to make sure I don’t get distracted from the essence of what I love about writing

The Sunburnt Country – Trailer

Friday, 11 January 2013 by

It’s getting to the exciting time, count down to release date. 27th of Feb is getting closer. The blurb: Jonelle Baxter is a young woman in a man’s world – a tough, hardworking motor mechanic from an idyllic country family. But lately things in her perfect life have been changing, and her workshop isn’t the only local business that’s struggling. Daniel Tyler is new in town, posted from the city to manage the community bank. As he tries to rein in the spiralling debts of Bundara, he uncovers all sorts of personal dramas and challenges. The last thing Jonny and Dan need is an unwanted attraction to each other. It’s going to take more than a good drop of rain to break the drought and to keep this small but very colourful community thriving. From the bestselling author of The Road Home comes a moving and heartwarming story about love, change and courage – and

Christmas Lights 2013

Sunday, 23 December 2012 by

Last year’s competition was so awesome that we just had to hold it again. After a very hot day (up to 40) we all gathered at the ‘Tree’ for a sausage sizzle while we waited for the sun to set. Here is just a few locals gathered around, the blokes (as usual) were positioned around the back tray of the utes. That way they had somewhere to put their stubbies when they’d finished. (And some poor bugger took home a rattly ute lol) When it was dark enough we all loaded into the Silver’s bus (thanks Tessa for the loan & for driving the crew of excited locals around!) as well as a few extra full car’s, we headed off to the first stop. (This event took 2hrs, with 6 farm gates to view) Lots of gravel driving! At our first stop you could see some lights but it wasn’t until on closer inspection that

Christmas 2013

Monday, 17 December 2012 by

Our 87th community Christams Tree was on Saturday night. Lea and I had spent all week setting up for it, as well as our big two day trip to Perth. This is us, enjoying our cosy corner in the Hall. This year we had bouncy castles for the kids to jump on after Santa left. (Luckily we had no casualties except for Lea’s boy & mine lol) The kids loved the massive castle, and I must admit it was lots of fun. I joined the kids a few times. It’s always a little sad to see the numbers down each year. We are losing the older kids and not gaining any smaller ones. We only had 30 kids this year. It didn’t seem that long ago we had 60. We hate to think what it will be like in 4-5 years! We are planing a big 90th in 3 years time. It will be a


Thursday, 15 November 2012 by

I was thinking of the lake today, now that the weather is warming up. It made me go back and watch this clip. I love the ending sunsets over the lake. (I just fast forward past all my talking bits urgh!) For me it’s such an awesome way to spend a hot afternoon, splashing about, sitting under the trees looking out across the lake, enjoying a drink and a chat with friends while we relax and watch the sun set.   Bring it on. 🙂  It will be our last chance to ski as after this summer it will be to salty and will go dry again, until the next flood.  

Beach to breakaway

Friday, 12 October 2012 by

I spent a few days down at Hopetoun, (south east coast of WA) to give myself some writing time while the kids enjoyed a break during school holidays. As it was, I had to spend half the day cutting branches off a fallen tree and dig out gutters full of rotten leaves. Fun, not! But the excercise helps balance the rest of the day sitting on my backside writing. (Not the most physicall of jobs being an author!) I love the white sandy beaches here, perfect, but HATE it in my car. Kids brought heaps home in their pockets by accident!! Don’t let them do this, the morning before you head home.  When we got home I took the kids out to Buckley’s Breakaway. A place we went to lots as kids for birthday parties and fun (and my dad even had a few parties out there when he was younger), so I couldn’t believe I hadn’t

Ladies Long Lunch

Tuesday, 25 September 2012 by

I was invited to talk at an event called the Narembeen Ladies Long Lunch on Saturday and I knew it would be something special.  The flyer read ‘Posh in the Paddock’ as we were to wear our fancy clothes and our boots. It took me an hour to get to the secret location, which was just up the road on the way to Narembeen, and it was on a farm, in the super shed to be exact. (The guys were just putting the large bales along the opening of the shed to keep the breeze out.) As I walked around the bales, in my Redback boots and dress, my jaw dropped seeing the gorgeous set up shed. I kid you not, it looked perfect for a country wedding. Splashes of white, matched with red gingham and hessian looked awesome. There were little plant boxes full of growing strawberries, glass jars full of red and white lollies (yum)

Romance in the Avon Valley

Thursday, 20 September 2012 by

A few weeks back, okay nearly three, Rachael Johns and I were at an event called Romance in the Avon Valley which was organised by Barbara at Dymocks in the Hay Street Mall, Perth. We had just spend a few days at the Dowerin Field Days selling our books and so it fitted in perfectly to attend this event at the gorgeous historic Tipperary Church near York. On my way towards York I drove through Rach’s hometown of Goomalling, I got to see her IGA shop and meet the family before she jumped in my car and together we went to York. The trip was not long enough as I’m sure we could have talked for hours. (Actually Rach had almost lost her voice after talking to hundreds of people at Dowerin-but we still managed lol) The event stated at 11am and I was surprised to see three Penguin reps who had travelled from the

Nicole Alexander – Guest Blog

Tuesday, 11 September 2012 by

I’m excited to have fourth generation grazier and bestselling author Nicole Alexander here today to share her inspiration. Nicole’s new book, Absolution Creek is out now, and a fine addition to her growing colletion of rural books. When you read Nicole’s section below you can see why her books are written so beautifully and just how easily she takes us into her world visually. Thanks for stopping by Nicole! Inspiration Many things inspire me through the course of a day; a flock of birds winding their way to a waterhole at sunset, clouds drifting against a duck-egg blue sky and the caress of the wind on my skin. Although as a grazier I’m particularly aware of the elements and the landscape around me, there is something about spring that makes me both joyous and curious about life in all its many forms. Spring is about renewal and birth, and to an extent, determination. I imagine the myriad plants which


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