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I was invited to talk at an event called the Narembeen Ladies Long Lunch on Saturday and I knew it would be something special.  The flyer read ‘Posh in the Paddock’ as we were to wear our fancy clothes and our boots. It took me an hour to get to the secret location, which was just up the road on the way to Narembeen, and it was on a farm, in the super shed to be exact. (The guys were just putting the large bales along the opening of the shed to keep the breeze out.)

As I walked around the bales, in my Redback boots and dress, my jaw dropped seeing the gorgeous set up shed. I kid you not, it looked perfect for a country wedding. Splashes of white, matched with red gingham and hessian looked awesome. There were little plant boxes full of growing strawberries, glass jars full of red and white lollies (yum) and heaps of gifts on everyones chairs from the sponsors.

Even the portaloo’s had gone ‘posh’. They were the most rustic used portaloo’s too. (Lucky we had boots on.) But that’s what makes the event so unique. Set in a super shed, in the middle of nowhere (actually between Kondinin and Narembeen), old portaloo’s and right next to this gorgeous green wheat crop.

 It turned out to be a beautiful day, just a little breeze. The day before had been so windy that I couldn’t step outside without getting blasted with dust and sand, and I was still on my back veranda!

In the corner they had this gorgeous bar set up.  (I had my books for sale just beside it.) There was wines galore and other drinks stored on ice in heaps of eskies. Sadly I had to drive myself home so I couldn’t indulge. (But I made up for it with the lollies) The many others who came by bus from town did. I was envious.

 Here is the queue for the bar, love the line up of boots.

The list of events for the day, sitting along the table on old points. Love it. The day started with an introduction from Caroline Robinson, who was last years sate and national RIRDC Rural Women’s award winner, and she introduced Virginia Miltrup, CBH Gerneral Manger, Corporate Services. Virginia talked about rising above the grass ceiling and for women to have a go at managerial positions. She said women will wait until they have 120% experience before they go for a job, where as men will go for it with only half the qualifications.  (How very true. Sometimes we are our own worst enemy.) Below is Caroline and Sheree (co-ordinator of the Narembeen CRC. Her team put the whole event together! Fantastic job ladies!)

My talk was after a yummy lunch, which came to us on the back of a ute and in these gorgeous paper bags with fancy tags and pegs.  Spoilt! Our last speaker was Catherine Marriott who is this years WA RIRDC Rural Woman of the Year. Catherine is an animal nutritionist and jillaroo and she is trying to bring together women involved in the pastoral industry to learn about the changing face of agriculture. She also had a four page spread in last weeks Countryman paper about her trip to Indonesia. She had some rippa stories to share which had us in fits of laughter. Also you can follow Catherines Influential Women on facebook, which is all about facilitating training to empower regional women to influence positive ripples through their businesses, communities and lives!

The Mission

CELEBRATE the roles women play as advocates for the agricultural industry

COMMUNICATE the stories of Australian agriculture

COLLABORATE across industries to create a sustainable food future for all

I got to sit next to Catherine, such an amazing woman who is so passionate in everything she does. We also had Patrick from The West Australian sitting with us, the only bloke out of 115 ladies.

This was such a fantastic event, which helps promote rural women. I will keep my eye out for next years event, Sheree!  It was such an honour to be apart of this and you leave feeling so inspired, so ready to take on the world and I especially felt so proud to be a country advocate. How the rural people just come together to help support and inspire each other, was amazing. Thanks for letting me be apart of it.  x


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