Romance in the Avon Valley

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A few weeks back, okay nearly three, Rachael Johns and I were at an event called Romance in the Avon Valley which was organised by Barbara at Dymocks in the Hay Street Mall, Perth. We had just spend a few days at the Dowerin Field Days selling our books and so it fitted in perfectly to attend this event at the gorgeous historic Tipperary Church near York.

On my way towards York I drove through Rach’s hometown of Goomalling, I got to see her IGA shop and meet the family before she jumped in my car and together we went to York. The trip was not long enough as I’m sure we could have talked for hours. (Actually Rach had almost lost her voice after talking to hundreds of people at Dowerin-but we still managed lol)

The event stated at 11am and I was surprised to see three Penguin reps who had travelled from the city, which was fantastic. Actually the fifty people who attended had driven from a vide variety of places, so Rach and I felt very special and we hoped they enjoyed out talks.  The event included a light lunch catered for by, none other than, the fabulous CWA ladies! (So of course, the food was yum!) They also had tea and coffee set up in the church along side the book stall.

Part proceeds from the event was donated to the Wheatbelt Mens Health Inc. I can say on behalf of Rach and myself that we had a ball, meeting and chatting to everyone in such a gorgeous little spot. (I was a bit envious of the size and health of the crops around York. It seemed that on the drive home the crops begun to shrink to sad and thirsty. Even now they are worse, starting to die off as we havent had any rain!!)  But a huge thanks must go to Barbara for organising such a great event with us in mind. 🙂 Rach and I were together for four days in a row, not long after four days together at the RWA Conference,  and now life seems to be missing something/someone lol. It’s great to be able to spend time with another writer who understands what you do and are sympathetic. But it’s okay, as we are back together in December for a talk in Perth. See you then Rach!

This Saturday I am heading to another event, as a guest speaker, called Posh in the Paddock. Expect to see some pictures of me (and heaps of other cool ladies) in a dress (very rare for me) and work boots. Will keep you posted.

On the book front, I have just got back into writing my 5th book, 4th book The Sunburnt Country will be out March/April next year. The 5th book may be called The Outback Heart. I have just reached the 10,000 word mark on this one! And now I must get back to it, as I have to drive into town this afternoon for the kids school assembly.

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