Loretta Hill

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I’m am very excited to have Loretta Hill on my blog! It’s great to have a fellow WA author, even better to have one that writes the type of book I love.  I met Loretta back in 2009, I think it was, at a RWA conference we had in Perth. Out of all the people I met, I recall talking to her and about the story she was writing. It sounded fab, even back then. I couldn’t remember her name, but I remembered the story. (I lost my ability to remember after having my kids!) I’m so excited that Loretta now has this wonderful book out, The Girl in Steel-Capped Boots. The title had me at Steel-Capped. I’ve asked Loretta a few questions, so we can get to know her a little better. Thanks Loretta!! Okay, so lets start with the nitty gritty. Where were you born, raised and schooled.  I was born, raised and schooled inPerth.

Xmas lights – Outback style

Saturday, 17 December 2011 by

So a couple of our locals came up with a competition to get everyone in the Christmas spirit. A notice went out to everyone, come and join in our Farm Gate Lights Competition. By friday night we gathered under the tree, our five house town now thriving with people. We fired up the barbie, cooked a few snags and fed the hungry mass as we waited until it was time to load up the bus! 7.3o we climbed aboard! All the seats were full! (Yes we were a little surprised at the great turn out) So then we were left in our wonderful drivers hands. Thanks Tess for the use of your bus and being our driver…we were louder than your average bus run!! On our way we had a rough floodway to navigate but lucky our bus-hostess, Mark, guided us to the exits, our crash position and where the gas masks would fall from.

More Flood Pics

Friday, 09 December 2011 by

  Here is just a few more photo’s I took while driving around.  It’s just amazing to see so much water. Silvie, the boarder collie, checks out the water. This picture is of the driveway to my uncles farm, which we call Kate’s.   All the water makes for some nice pitures. On Burngup Road, you can see the fence on the left which has been swept over the road. This is what is left after the water drains away. This is just one section of washed out railway. I went walking this morning with my mum down past Bakers to Byass’s where the water has ripped up all the bitumen across the road, swept all the fences on both sides of the road away and turned the wheat crop to mud. I wanted to go see how the wheat looked up close but it was still soaking in water and I was worried i’d

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Xmas Shopping

Monday, 05 December 2011 by

This weekend just gone, I went with a friend to Perth where we shopped for 47 kids for our local Christams Tree.  We are going down in numbers but for a 5 house country town we still get a massive turnout each year with past and present folks. It’s the 86th Christmas Tree in a row and a huge event for us with hundreds coming. So, here we were running around getting the biggest and the best gifts (we help Santa…our kids think we are very cool) and we have a $ limit we have to stick to. But while doing this we are also fitting in our own last minute xmas shopping. (and a few extra’s like plants!!) Needless to say the massive 7 seater car was packed to the roof!  (Also lots of lights – After all we are having a farm gate lights competition this year.) Below is just a few things we

More writing spaces

Monday, 19 September 2011 by

My next author has some very amazing writing spaces. (I’m jealous of these authors who get to mix travel and writing.) I’m so excited to show you Tony Park’s work areas. Tony writes about Africa so vividly in his books, you can tell he loves it. African Dawn is his latest book, which is going great guns. Thanks for sharing, Tony 🙂 Tony: “I write all my novels ‘on location’ in southern Africa. My wife, Nicola and I spend six months of each year in Africa and while most of our time is spent camping in our tent, occasionally we lash out and spend a night or two in a self-catering bungalow in the Kruger National Park, like this one. You can see the reality of life on the road intruding in the form of the washing up hanging behind me.”   Tony: “OK, so this is a staged PR shot of me at work, in Zimbabwe, which I

Amazing people

Saturday, 17 September 2011 by

Just a quick blog to do a ‘shout out’ to Cathryn Harris who has won the SA – Nokia Business Innovation Award for 2011.   As the Mount Gambier Library manager, I met Cathryn earlier this year when she organised for me to travel to their amazing library to talk about my recent book.  It was a very quick trip, all I could allow with young kids, but none the less it was still a highlight! I was spoilt by Cathryn and her staff. So it’s come as no surprise that she has won this amazing award.  The library is very special and I wish we could all have one just like it. (I would live in it all day just about!!)   So a huge hug for all your effort and ‘Congratulations, Cathryn.”  “No longer places where everyone has to be quiet, libraries are busy information centres that focus on customers and offer a place to meet friends for coffee, use

All over for another year.

Sunday, 28 August 2011 by

Yes, it’s all over. Two full days sitting behind this table chatting to people from all over and signing books. Three nights camping in the freezing cold, thank goodness for eletric blankets!  And most of all thank goodness for mum who came along to help. Bringing regular hot cuppa’s and watching the stall while I ducked off for a look-see. (Thanks mum!) It also helped sharing our stall space with two lovely people,George and Gabby.  I didn’t get to see too many people I knew but the lovely Rachael Blair (Rach Johns) and her three gorgeous boys, stopped by for a quick hello. I ran a competition for those who wanted to enter for a chance to win both my books and I drew it yesterday. The winner of both books is : Liz Marcus from Greenmount. Books will be posted at the start of next week Liz. And I also did a runner up

RWA Conference

Friday, 19 August 2011 by

Finally we are back from travelling all around.  We visited sunny QLD with an quick stop at the Gold Coast to see Movieworld. A treat for the kids (and us). Only problem was my six year old son begging me to go on the Scooby Doo ride! Heck, I never would have gone if i’d known. Lets just say he handled his first major rollercoaster ride better than I did. He was begging for another go…strangely there were no takers.  We then flew up to Townsville to stay with my brother, sis-in-law and my two gorgeous nephews. Loved being back in shorts!! We borrowed their car for a few days and went for a drive up to the Daintree. It was so beautiful…i’m a rainforrest kinda girl. Totally loved the green…didn’t love carrying our 8year old everywhere due to a badly twisted ankle before we left.  (We tried to think of it as weight training…although

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Dowerin Field Days

Wednesday, 20 July 2011 by

Once again I am heading north to Dowerin.  I went two years ago with my first book and had a blast!  It was so huge, two days jam packed full of things to see. (Not that I had much of a chance at seeing half of it as I was busy signing books and chatting to people) But my dad and hubby took both days to see everthing on offer.  It’s mostly a country crowd, leather boots and jeans, cowboy hats and caps, but Dowerin isn’t far from Perth so city folks also attend.  If you are thinking about going, please come into the lifestyle pavillion and drop by for a chat and enter the competition to win both books.  We camp out for two days, and if I remember correctly it gets very cold at night so will remember to pack ugg boots and beanie! But before I get to Dowerin, we are flying to Townsville

Cover shots

Sunday, 10 July 2011 by

My publisher asked me which photos best captured my setting in The Road Home.  Well these are just a few that do… This next one was taken by Shannon Morton, and is from the wheatbelt area. This next photo was sent in by Colleen Goodwill from her Bodalla Station. And the last one was from Kathy Mexted. Thank you all for emailing your photo’s in.  Keep them coming…we have a month or more before we get onto the cover design. (Lots of editing to do first). xx


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