Xmas Shopping

Monday, 05 December 2011 by

This weekend just gone, I went with a friend to Perth where we shopped for 47 kids for our local Christams Tree.  We are going down in numbers but for a 5 house country town we still get a massive turnout each year with past and present folks. It’s the 86th Christmas Tree in a row and a huge event for us with hundreds coming. So, here we were running around getting the biggest and the best gifts (we help Santa…our kids think we are very cool) and we have a $ limit we have to stick to. But while doing this we are also fitting in our own last minute xmas shopping. (and a few extra’s like plants!!) Needless to say the massive 7 seater car was packed to the roof!  (Also lots of lights – After all we are having a farm gate lights competition this year.) Below is just a few things we


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