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by / Thursday, 04 November 2010 / Published in Events, News
Last Friday i was invited to talk at the Narrogin Residential College…my old ‘Hostel’ for their presentation day. Thanks to Steve the College Manager for the invitation.  I spent year 8 to year 11 there! 4 years!! And I must admit I had some great times there. I didn’t get into that much trouble but i did get called into Mrs Dixon’s office once or twice.
Sadly I left after year 11 and missed out on the year 12 dorms.  Now they have a whole new building just for the year 12 and they don’t do the year 12 runs anymore.  (before finishing school they would attack at night with water, shampoo, flour…you get the idea..)  None the less i was scared about going back.  So i took my best friend Jacinta to help me through it. Jacint is also an ex-hostel girl (she was in my brothers year…poor girl!! LOL)  We were amazed with the changes and the room where the Presentation Day was held used to be the boys games area…from memory.  Yes it’s a long time since 1995!! 
There was around 300 parents, students and staff in the room…and I had to talk in front of them all!  Sheesh.  I felt like a total wolly handing out sports award for a heap of talented kids.  But it helped settle my nerves when I faced them all for my talk.  Two years ago they had Bevan George talk (amazing hockey player – olympic gold) as he was an ex-Narrogin schoolie. 
I waffled on…don’t ask me what i said…can’t really remember any of it thanks to my nerves.  But I have a photo to prove i did actually talk. Afterwards we meet up with some of the supervisors from when we were there…very spinny. And Mrs Browne…(yes, she’s still there) took us on a tour.  Talk about a time warp.  Some of the rooms and walkways seemed much smaller than we remembered LOL and the new buildings were speckie.  It was a wonderful day…even if we felt really old around all these young kids! Even better, Ii got to spend the day with my best friend, having coffee, lunch and lots of shopping without our kids.  Heaven!! 

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