More Flood Pics

Here is just a few more photo’s I took while driving around. It’s just amazing to see so much water. Silvie, the boarder collie, checks out the water. This picture is of the driveway to my uncles farm, which we call Kate’s. All the water makes for some nice pitures. On Burngup Road, you can

Harvest Rain

Well Mother Nature has thrown a spanner in the works with massive amounts of rain during harvest. Our area has had from 80 to 130 mills and it is still raining. We went out this morning to take a few pictures, see below. With farmers already dealing with sprouted grain, this is not going to

Xmas Shopping

This weekend just gone, I went with a friend to Perth where we shopped for 47 kids for our local Christams Tree. We are going down in numbers but for a 5 house country town we still get a massive turnout each year with past and present folks. It’s the 86th Christmas Tree in a

Australiana – Poem by Lorna Madson

It’s been a while since i’ve put up another poem but I was talking with someone who really enjoyed the poem in Heart of Gold. But for the book we had to shorten it and could only use a few select verses. So now I’d like to share the proper version with you. Enjoy. (Sorry

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