Power problems

Having your power go out is never great. It happened again today while I was at work. It surged on and off and took out half the shop, and caused one of our computers to fry and stinck the place out. So the end of the day was spent guessing the price of beer and

Bluey & Tiger

I went out today to help my friend with her horses again as we met the farrier near this paddock. These two horses belong to another lady, but I helped look after Bluey and Tiger (the pony). And it was a good excuse to catch up with my friend 🙂 Here’s Wayne at work on

Bush Living

We are a funny lot, country people. We get excited about things like rain and even this new section of road. It wasn’t a long stretch of new bitumen, but all the same its still less gravel we have to travel along. Not much happens around here, so things like this are exciting for a


I love my lilac trees. (Not as much in autum when they drop their leaves everywhere and the gutters get blocked) But right now they are full of tiny flowers that sprinkle down in the breeze like snow. (actually I wouldn’t know, I’m guessing here as i’ve never seen snow!) Their leaves provide us with

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