Author writing spaces

I have another photo of an authors area of writing. I had to wait for the lucky Kylie Ladd to come home from her travels but it was worth the wait to see such a gorgeous bookshelf. I read After the Fall a while back and loved how Kylie dived into all those complicated feelings.


On the weekend we played our wind-up day of golf. There was only six of us (huge club, I know) but we had a gorgeous day, the sun was warm and all the flowers were out. My golf was so wonderful that I spent most of my time in the bush taking photo’s of the

Author Areas

A few more pictures have come in so i’ll share these with you. This first one I’ve actually seen on TV. And I love the fact that Matthew likes to surround himself with toys, posters and figurines from his favourite movies to inspire him. He looks really happy to be there…sometimes I can’t stand my

Author spaces

This time i’d like to share Lisa Heidke‘s writing spaces. She’s the lovely author of What Kate did Next, Claudia’s Big Break and Lucy Springer Gets Even. (I’m sure she’s busy writing away on her next book, no doubt using the area’s below) Lisa: “This is where I work when I have to…in other words

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