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I have another photo of an authors area of writing.  I had to wait for the lucky Kylie Ladd to come home from her travels but it was worth the wait to see such a gorgeous bookshelf.  I read After the Fall a while back and loved how Kylie dived into all those complicated feelings. I have Naked on my tbr pile and will have to source out Kylie’s latest book Last Summer. Thanks Kylie for sharing. 🙂

Kylie: “I write in the midst of a bookcase designed for me by my husband, surrounded, cocooned by books. At a guess, 95% of them are fiction- there’s a few memoirs in there, and the odd biography or essay collection, but fiction is my main love, my real love, and it’s this that I want nearby as I work. The presence of all those novels inspires me to keep going when I’m stuck, is a constant source of inspiration as I come into the room each day. I’ve (a bit obsessively) arranged the shelves so that my favourites are closest to me, always within arm’s reach… it’s like being surrounded by friends, really. “Go on,” they say, “You can do it. Come join us.” So I write.”

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