The Alarm

by / Tuesday, 06 July 2010 / Published in Poetry

Here’s a good one for the mums.

The Alarm

The alarm goes off as it does every morning,

You climb out of bed, stretching and yawning,

This is an alarm you can not ignore,

If you did they’d break down the bedroom door.

By the time you get there they’ve started fighting,

You pull up the blind to let some light in,

You help them dress and you brush their hair,

Then the every day treasure hunt to find the footwear.

You march them to the table and start cooking toast,

Then they start fighting over whose got the most,

When breakfast’s over you clean up the mess,

And wonder how on earth you cope with the stress.

By 10am they’ve eaten all the cake,

So once again you’ll have to bake,

You put on the kettle and go out to check,

There’s nothing that they are about to wreck.

You’ve just sat down when they come in,

Looking for a drink and the biscuit tin,

Someone starts crying, he fell off the swing,

The other one swears she didn’t do a thing.

You enter their room to make the beds,

And there’s your best book torn to shreds,

One bed’s full of toys, the other one sand,

Oh for a maid, wouldn’t it be grand.

Then as the sun goes down, you run them a bath,

They have their tea and they’re in bed at last,

The quiet in the house almost hurts your ears,

Hubby’s not home, he’s out having a few beers.

You leave tea in the oven and go for a shower,

And 9 o’clock, you’ve wilted like a flower,

But as you watch them grow up day by day,

You know you wouldn’t have it any other way.

By Lorna Madson.

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