Rustic Rhymes – The Bushfire

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The Bushfire by Lorna Madson (C)

The thick smoke heaved towards the sky,

And the wind, twirled it up through the clouds,

It made the daylight dim and gloomy,

Covering the sun with shrouds.

In comparison the flames were brilliant,

As they leapt and jumped and played,

Their constant movement never lulled,

Pure energy they displayed.

They licked the trees and fenceposts,

All they touched, they set ablaze,

In the charred and dead they left behind,

A devastating maze.

As flames rolled through the timber patch,

The wildlife fled in fear,

Some lost their way with smoke and heat,

As the fire continued to sear.

As intense heat pushed the fire on,

The fighters grew more weary,

Their throats were raw from the heavy smoke,

Their eyes were read and bleary.

Then like an answer to the fighter’s prayers,

The strong wind changed its course,

The flames slunk down to gentle sparks,

As though in deep remorse.

But the black and smouldering evidence,

Would linger on for days,

Sheep feed, trees and animals,

All victims of the blaze.































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